HR personnel always have to be on their toes to perform different functions as they deal with the active factor of production-the employees. They have to create a perfect balance between the function of talent acquisition, talent retention and optimization of costs. To achieve this goal, IT applications system has to be the state-of-the-art.

For the success of the organization, it is imperative to engage the employees on the daily basis so that they feel participative in the growth of the organization. This can be achieved by easy access to information at anytime and from anywhere. Our HR software is designed to empower the employees by making information easily available to them. Ours is an intuitive HCM suite which can be easily deployed on Cloud and is available on subscription basis. It is noteworthy that there are no upfront costs involved in acquiring our ERP for human resource.



Our software solution makes workforce planning an easy task. It efficiently addresses the requirements of the human capital in an organization in terms of their number, their time of hiring and it defines their role in a perfect manner.

Our software consists of the highly useful Adaptive planning’s Personnel planning tool which makes it easy to plan the workforce effortlessly .With the help of the software, the right talent can be placed at the right job.


  • The software consists of configurable sheets which makes headcount planning easy.
  • The software has an intuitive and easy-to-use data entry interface.
  • The HR department with the assistance of the software can plan groups of people in aggregate or on the basis of individual headcount. Moreover, they can also split headcount across departments, projects and funds.
  • The software enables the HR personnel to import personnel data from the HR system easily.


One of the most important tasks that the HR department has at it hands is to address the demand to the available skilled candidates. Ours is an integrated software solution that assists the HR personnel in performing such functions efficiently. Various processes such as Recruitment, Training, Employee assignments etc. can be matched to logically linked process. Thus, the HR is empowered with tools to match the demand and supply of talent in an effortless manner.


    • Employee records: Our software is technologically advanced and empowers the employers with important information they need to know about their employees when they are on an assignment (the employee file / service register). It is equipped to record more than 450 discrete pieces of information about the employee through pre-built functions (personal, dependents, skills, training and many more).
    • Employee Movements:The Human Management resource software can track the movement of human resources to where they are required. Other HR functions such as transfers, promotions, and deputations, Time and attendance can also be tracked with great ease. The HR can monitor the time and attendance of the employees for various HR activities such as Payroll and Administration. Moreover, a systematic process can be put in place in which the employees use the Self-service and record their work time. The HR department records the time and attendance centrally so there are no discrepancies.
  • Travel and Expenses: The software keeps a track of travel & expenses incurred of the employees starting from the plans created to their approvals and to the final stage of filing expense claims for reimbursement.


Various functions pertaining to Talent Acquisition such as screening, selecting and hiring can be performed efficiently when our software is available. HR managers can find the best talent for their organization and ensure that the organization and the employees have a long term and a fruitful relationship. This goal can be achieved while keeping the costs under control.

The HR personnel can know the exact staffing requirements and they can easily collaborate with recruitment agencies. The profiles of potential applicants can be shortlisted and interviews can be scheduled in an organized way. Applicants can be rated further and the hiring process can be started thereafter.


  • Recruitment Administration
    • The HR software captures the staffing requirements, resumes and other relevant details of the candidates.
    • It facilitates easy collaboration with the recruitment agencies which enables them to enter profiles of potential candidates.
    • The HR people can shortlist candidates, set up/schedule interviews, rate and select applicants.
    • Quick hire process is also enabled which do not require lengthy details for hiring.
    • The software has an interactive interface which is equipped with desktop office productivity tools like spreadsheets and word processing application. Thus, the process of recruitment planning to generating call letters is done in a systematic way.
    • Moreover, the software facilitates customization of the recruitment process for each new-joinee.
    • The HR department with the help of the software can create reports on recruitment cycle time, cost, hit ratio (associated with a particular recruitment source) etc. and deliver on demand.
    • The software gives users to plan the Onboarding process. It makes sure that the new employees get the required information and integrate easily in the organization.
    • Helps new recruits and employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and conduct to seamlessly integrate with the organization.
    • The software enables to conduct pre joining and post joining formalities in the digital format.


Efficient talent management is the key to retain employees and engage them in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. With the help of our software solution, the HR department can plan the exact requirement of employees and create a positive image of the organization so that it attracts the best talent in the job market. It makes sure that the new employees are quickly integrated into the organization and they start contributing to the achievement of the pre-set goals in a short period of time.

Our ERP for Human Resource is equipped with the capability to assist the HRs in Talent Retention which they have assessed. Talent mobility is also done in an efficient way which also increases productivity. Various functions such as Performance and Development Management are an important part of software. It addresses three distinct requirements -Objectives-based Assessment, 360 Degree Appraisals and Potential Appraisals.

The software enables the HR department organize the workforce in an efficient way. The performance of the employees can be assessed on parameters that help to improve their productivity. With the help of the software, the existing assessment system can be improved and the time period involved ij ther assessment can be improved.


  • The 9 Box : Our Human Resource Management software supports the 9 Box chart. The 9 box is a visual aid that is used to make a comparative analysis of the employees’ performance with the actual performance. The high performance employees are identified and rewarded. They can presented as role models to motivate other employees to work harder.
  • Behavioral Model: An organization predefines a specific code of conduct that is acceptable at a workplace. The employees at work are expected to follow the behavior which is clearly defined through orientation and trainings. Our HCM software clearly defines the business behaviors for important positions. It is randomly checked and monitored through surprise checks or formal audits. Employees who follow the defined behavior are rewarded through attractive cash prizes or “gamified” rewards which are linked to the Training and Payroll.
  • Perspective Model: The Perspective model tool in the software enables the Talent Managers and business leaders to set targets for employees on the basis of four parameters namely Financial, Learning, Process and Customer.This model is based on the idea that people at the helm of affairs in the organization should achieve optimization level in their work and should be rewarded for the same. It has many advantages such as a regular check can be kept on the check process compliance and a proper process can be put I place that can give a clear idea about customer satisfaction.
  • Talent Score Card: The Talent score Card gives important information about the employees. Key points about the employees are available in the talent score card which proves to be highly useful during a review and also otherwise in general.The Talent Score Card includes the following:
    • Employee Profile
    • Compensation in relation to others in the same grade
    • Position on the 9-box
    • Current analysis into the position they’re holding and futuristic view
    • Rewards and bonuses earned in the past
    • Pattern of absenteeism
    • Grievances reported
    • Disciplinary actions taken


Our ERP for Human Resource is packed with functionalities that enable the HR department to manage and handle the otherwise cumbersome task of payroll management with accuracy and great ease. The process is made simple with the help of the software. The HR managers can easily integrate the existing rules into the software and clearly defines the logic behind various items such as Earnings, Deductions, Bonus, Arrears, Leave and Attendance, Taxes, Statutory Requirements etc. Our software makes payroll management a quick and a simple task.


  • Global Payroll: Our HCM caters to a wide range of complexities that rise in global payroll management. It facilitates the implementation of customized salaries. It is equipped with the capability to deal with multi-element, multi-decimal, multi-currency, and multi-country payroll. It is designed to manage payroll for more than 40 countries across Asia Pacific, Australia & NZ, India, Middle East and Africa, Europe and Americas. It is noteworthy that with new countries getting added rapidly.The Payroll addresses the requirements of the large organizations and makes payroll processing a swift and an easy task.
  • Benefits: The Benefits solution assists the HR managers to plan and execute even the most complex Benefit plans with great ease. Our HCM adopts a business rule-driven approach. It effortlessly integrates with Payroll for premium deductions and consists of numerous benefit plans, rate tables and eligibility rules.
  • Reimbursements: The Reimbursements Function in the HCM software processes employee claims—pertaining to travel, medical benefits, annual leave claim and other such eligibilities. The claims are categorized as groups which include separate items. The amount calculated can be reimbursed through payroll, or by a voucher that is generated from another Finance Application -Our Financials in the software.
  • Employee Self Service: The software consists of features that gives employees direct to their personal and payroll related details such as time-sheet bookings, appraisal, pay slips, leave application, IT support, and other basic tasks. The on-site employees can also access the HCM software and they can view the record time spent on projects and assignments, and other related business activities.A unique Feature in our software solution is the Minnal which simplifies the complicated APS solutions in any field. Moreover, it enables to run the payroll in less than 5 minutes! It makes the task very quick which otherwise is highly time-consuming.


It is an open secret that a paid off leave is likely to have a huge impact on various departments. The HR has a humongous task at hand to manage the process of leave management starting from leave application to the approval of leaves as it involves a lot of paperwork.

Our HCM software is equipped with features to put assist in the leave management process. It has the following features.

Features For employees

  • The software has features to view the time earned, time taken and remaining balance for each policy assigned.
  • A standard Model is available in which time balance on a particular date can be known.
  • The employees can enter and request time off. They can also carryover accrued time.
  • Time off transaction history.

For managers:

  • Using Leave Management, Managers can:
  • The managers are able to take right and quick decisions regarding approval/rejection employee requests for time off
  • View time earned, time taken and time remaining for each employee
  • Model an employee’s balance as of a specific date
  • Managers can view time View time off transaction history
  • Make adjustments to an employee’s balance
  • The transaction history of employee leave requests can be viewed

For HR Professionals:

  • The HR managers can perform all of the functions that employees and managers can perform
  • They can edit/delete leave records
  • With the software they can efficiently manage leave policy assignments
  • They can also edit the employee’s service date/Assign leave policies during the hire process
  • The HR personnel can report on aggregate data for leave policies


  • With the help of our Analytics tool in our Human Resource management software, the HR personnel get real time visibility of important data and information. This gives them a better understanding of the Key performance Indicators.
  • All the HR data can be put on one screen which will facilitate an easy and quick analysis helping in making better decisions regarding your workforce.
  • Other highly useful features include the Analyst Utilization, Analyst productivity value and Hours on Tasks , Employee Supervisor Relationship Analysis, Human Resources Summary, Occupational Health Expense, Benefit Expense, Recruitment activity and Self Absenteeism by month.
  • The software consists if different functions such as Analytics Features, Payroll Summary, Payroll type Summary, EOC Salary costs, Expense Mix. The software calculates Payroll by month, by expense. It consists of Overtime Trend feature.
  • The software solution has Individual Dashboards for all the departments
  • Other features include Employee Productivity Scorecard, Employees’ Team, Department and Division performance


Employee’s grievances have to be taken on a priority basis. The needs of the employees have to be addressed in an organized way as it gives the quick desired results. The FreshDesk feature is advanced helpdesk software with an intuitive user-interface. It enables the HR to immediately look into the complaints and treat the problems of the employees. The users can raise ticket from anywhere and at any time. This cloud based software enables HR personnel to instantly address the grievances of the employees. Ticket can be raised from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter.


  • Help Desk Ticketing
    • The software enables to get tickets from just about anywhere
    • These can be categorized, prioritized and assigned with Dispatch’r feature
    • The users can create custom ticket fields specific to the business
    • Users can copy tickets to someone, or bcc to a dropbox and get an instant overview with the assistance of the help desk activity streams
    • The complex tickets can be split and merge the similar ones
    • The Freshdesk also helps in Social Customer Service and support can be provided through support to Facebook and Twitter profiles. The users can directly answer on the same social media platform
    • Responses can be made quick with the help of canned Responses
    • It helps in Time Tracking. Automated time tracking with start/stop timers is available.
    • The time spent can be tracked and customer sheets can be created on the basis of the reports
    • The software has a built-in knowledge base which provides instant solutions, customers can find solutions online
    • The software manages customer contact and companies; it has the capability to set up and manage SLA policies specific to a particular account
  • Help Desk Automation
    • The software automates the process of ticket Categorization, Prioritization and Dispatch.
    • The software enables to automatically route tickets to the right agents or support groups.
    • A highly useful tool of “Smart suggestions” of possible solutions right next to the ticket.
    • The software consists of Integrated Forums which acts as an interactive platform for communities to discuss ideas and make highly informed decisions. Clients can ask questions, post tips and reply to other customers’ questions. These forum posts can be converted into tickets in a click and they can be assigned to a particular agent to resolve them.
  • Multi-product Helpdesk
    • With this feature, each and every product can be managed with great ease with the help of multiple support emails.
    • Each product can be managed on the basis of separate forum category, solutions and self service portal for each brand.
    • There are separate support groups for each product.
  • Help Desk Reporting
    • The Help Desk reports help in getting an understanding of the performance of the agents in a team.
    • The custom reports can be customized and analyzed along with the other business data available.
    • Time sheet reports in the software shows the amount of time spent in providing customer reports. The billable vs non billable time spent can be compared.
  • Help Desk Gamification
    • The software converts the Help Desk into an interactive game. With the help of a gamified help desk, every support ticket now is a chance for your team to score points.
  • Help Desk Mobile App
    • The Freshdesk app is available on mobile phones and thus makes customer support available round the clock. It is compatible with iPhones, Androids, iPads etc.
    • The response of the software is quick. It facilitates quick relies with the help of canned responses. Multiple tasking is possible with the help of automations.
    • The Freshdesk suggests the best solution for different functions from the knowledge base.