Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation capabilities in Dynamics 365 (online) provides an end-to-end solution that helps sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budget.

Improve Your Project Service Automation:

The software solution offers Information on leads or opportunities and enables the organization to tap business opportunities. The visual interface or dashboards provides Information about clients-in-prospects and allied Information such as customer purchase history, their preferences and relevant Information that helps in identifying the strong leads and thus the Sales team can invest time in pursuing these leads that can result in deal closure. The sales team with the right information and data , gets a direction, and they come to know if they are on the right track.

With the solution, different projects can be easily managed by managing the project templates. The templates pre-define the routine and standard tasks and the time involved in completion.  The tasks can be automatically scheduled, and thus, project progress is put on a fast-track. With the software solution, an integrated sales dashboard, the Project Management team can quickly get a correct estimate of the project feasibility and its profitability. The Sales manager is equipped with real-time Information, and it enhances his productivity, He can easily manage projects and ensure that plan complies with the terms mentioned in the contract and works per the expenses. The exact costs can be forecasted with intelligent embedded tools, and the revenue can also be estimated. With native Microsoft Project Integration, successful Project Delivery can be achieved. The team manager can easily view the cost and estimated time required for the completion of projects with the assistance of intuitive dashboards.

The solution helps in Resource Scheduling by streamlining the scheduling process. The team gets real-time visibility into the available resources by using a unified scheduling engine. It provides recommendations based on intelligent and relevant based skills and promotes smart allocation of resources. This ensures optimum utilization of resources and helps in increasing the revenue of the company.

The software solution helps in increasing collaboration among the team members by using Audio, Video along with Document Management and facilitating its Integration to Office 365 Applications.  It offers a standard interface for customers, Project Managers, and concerned parties. All the parties get instant updates about the progress of the project and the risks involved. Effective team collaboration is possible with the help of Office 365 Workspace, which can be uniquely created for each project.

The solution helps in boosting productivity by simplifying the process of time and expense management. The software enables to Submit, approve, and process time and expenses anytime and anywhere.  The Team Manager can check the Progress of the Project with great ease and support costs, track the time, etc. in a single platform.

The real-time dashboards offer great assistance in measuring the utilization of resources and measuring them. The team can make highly informed decisions based upon and get maximum results from billable resources. The software has a dashboard with which the project billing can be reviewed, and the projects costs and the unbilled revenues can be easily viewed.  Project Invoices can be automatically generated and approved.

The solution offers a reporting platform which gives a Data model that provides Information about the past and present status of the projects. Users can add dashboards and widgets which are based on the Analytics service that gives an in-depth insight into the data. Organizations realize that raw Data in itself is not useful unless it is analysed and its utility can be derived with smart analytics that gives an in-depth analysis of the business operations. The Service Analytics applies the relevant context and acquires an understanding of the business impact of decisions and the typical response to a situation. The data derived is divided into Information and then into Knowledge and ultimately into wisdom that helps in making highly-informed decisions. The solution enables the team manager to keep a tab on the costs and take preventive actions with regular updates on the value and prevent the budget spiralling out of control.