The infrastructure industry has a lot of potential in terms of opportunities it can offer to entrepreneurs who have the skills and ability to tread the path of economic growth of the country. Along with the opportunities come the obligations, duties and responsibilities that are bound to be fulfilled in the interest of the public at large. Thus every decision needs to be taken with caution and the task of asset management should be performed with greater efficiency. Every process starting from purchase, depreciation to asset replacement should be performed in sync with the regulatory and safety norms of the infrastructure industry.

The infrastructure industry has to meet different challenges such as those in creation of new design and their implementation, sourcing of funds, procurement of raw material on a timely basis etc. the profitability of the business can be affected in case of change in the work schedules which can go haywire at any point of time. To prevent such a situation, it is important to have robust software solutions for the infrastructure industry which can lead to better revenue and progress of the nation.,/p>

We, at Online24x7 offer agile ERP for Infrastructure, which helps in managing the infrastructure business with ease. The business activities pertaining to manufacturing can be made more controllable and can be streamlined to get the desired results.

Our Infrastructure ERP is available on Cloud which is easily deployable and offers great assistance in making the business process dynamic and controllable. Irrespective of the fact that you are engaged in the public infrastructure industry or the real estate industry, our ERP offers equally effective solution for both. In this industry, project completion within the stipulated time period is often a concern and big challenge for the companies involved. Our software solution helps in timely completion of projects with various features such as Budgeting, Cash Flow management, costing, efficient coordination with suppliers etc, can be done in an easy way. All this can be done while adhering to the statutory rules and regulations.

Our software solutions for the infrastructure consist of features that address the requirements of the infrastructure industry, both in the public and private domain.


  • The ERP helps in management of the progress of the projects which gives plenty of time to the employers to connect with their clients and get a deep insight into their requirements.
  • It helps the management in the planning and execution of the plans with efficiency. Plans can be expanded as per the requirement of the infrastructure business.
  • Business activities and operations can be optimized and the best results can be gained.
  • The ERP has a positive impact on the efficiency of the business and ensures growth.
  • Asset management can be done efficiently thereby increasing their life-span.
  • Pricing can be done in an accurate manner by taking into consideration the impact of all the factors of production.
  • The software helps in meticulous planning and in their perfect execution to derive the best results.