Services – Industry overview and trend

The professional industry has rolled up its sleeves and leaving no stone unturned to live up to the expectations of the customers. The fact that consumers are making informed decisions and becoming more demanding, becoming more price sensitive and asking for complex services requirements; all these factors have led to stiff competition in market and intense efforts are being made to acquire and retain clients. The service industry is making sure that their employees are suited to meet their requirements in the best possible manner.

To meet these aforementioned challenges, the service industry requires uniformity in the operational and financial performance and it will help them to create a global footprint successfully. The need of the hour is to improve the quality of the mode of the delivery of the services, better management of the talent pool, syncing the approach of the employees with the current changing market scenarios and exceptional handling of clients. To achieve all these aforementioned goals, a smooth and a highly efficient Human Resource Department needs to operate to manage all these activities. The HR system should be such that it can integrate with the existing operational and financial systems. In fact, the service industry requires efficient industry solutions services that can streamline all the HR functions.


  • The HRD needs to maintain a pipeline of talent which can meet urgent hiring.
  • The HR department has to create employment contracts that are lucid and are able to maintain a close relationship to incoming business.
  • The worthiness of the workforce in the current and future scenario.
  • Job Rotation & Cross Training needs to conducted on regular basis.
  • Optimum utilization of employees has to be achieved.
  • Opportunities needs to be provided to employees to enhance their skills.
  • The different needs of various workforce types, including temporary, permanent, and contingent should be addressed.


  • The HR personnel have to deal with the complexities of the workforce distributed across different locations.
  • The HR department has to set up a intuitive compensation structures to meet the modern day requirements of pay scale.
  • An automated Time Management has to be put in place for the employees. Further, the system has to be linked with payroll/client invoice, including shifts and overtimes.
  • It is absolutely necessary to link the performance to incentive pay.


  • The HR personnel has to enable Self-Service and Life Event Reporting to track the movements of the employees.
  • It is one of the most important obligations of the HR personnel to conduct employee satisfaction surveys.


  • A standard model of conduct for employees has to be established which suit the requirements of the Services Industry.
  • Audits and surprise checks should be conducted on the staff to make sure that the employees are complying with model of conduct.


  • Our industry software solution helps in the management of various functions such as employee deputation /relocation and project rotation.
  • The software helps in the maintenance of qualified candidates and create a skill inventory to meet the contingency hiring requirements.
  • Our ERP services consists of a Time Management System which is suitable for all employment grades.
  • The software solution is equipped to handle different types of employees on the basis of their appointment such as permanent employees, employees hired on contract basis.
  • The Employee Conduct process can be automated and prompt action can be taken into the Employee Grievances. Subsequently, quick disciplinary action can be taken.
  • With the help of the software, the movement of the employees can be tracked easily.


  • The industry software solution consists of the ‘Projects planning’ feature which helps talent managers in accurate assessment of employee requirement and the skills set required.
  • With the help of the software, the Talent Managers can easily consolidate resource and demand across different projects.
  • It helps the Human Resource personnel to be proactive in the process of recruitment and are able to quickly hire the best talent.


  • Our ERP services solution makes use of comprehensive competency Models to identify talent requirements.
  • To ensure value-added jobs, the Talent Managers can set KPI at annual and project level.
  • The HR can easily form the 9 Box of talent and optimize performance of the employees.
  • The software allows setting up of behavior models for process jobs involving direct or indirect interaction with the customers.


  • With the help of the software solution, HR personnel can provide efficient training calendar program. They can monitor the attendance of the employees and their performance and get feedback.
  • The software solution allows Talent Managers to recognize successful performers and reward them accordingly.


  • Our HCM industry solution services allows to make country-specific statutory compliances as per requirement.
  • Different functions such as compensation disbursal, time sheets etc. can be performed on time.
  • The software is flexible and handles payroll management effortlessly. Moreover, it can be effectively used to get quicker and accurate results.


  • Our ERP services are wide in scope and consists of data required for a prompt decision-making process.
  • The software consists of easy user-interfaces encouraging employees to use them.
  • The software consists of the highly advanced ‘Context Aware’ feature which identifies the user and his usage patterns.
  • The software allows the employees to put across their views easily in front of their superiors through the ‘Employee Survey’ feature.

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