Information Technology Services

Online24x7 provides Information Technology services solutions with an easy-to-use interface. The IT Asset Management and helpdesk products enables organizations to get real-time visibility of the asset life cycle and helps in efficient management of all the assets on a single user-interface. Moreover, we offer advanced helpdesk software which assists in dealing with the customers with utmost efficiency.


Online24x7’s IT Asset Management software enables organizations to gain a complete control over the IT inventory, software usage and the process of purchasing data licenses. The IT assets can be easily monitored and managed efficiently. The software solution gives a clear idea about the expenses and return from the IT assets of the company. It gives an accurate Total Cost of Ownership and the ROI-Return on Investment and also gives chargeback capabilities for Information Technology services-for both conventional and cloud enabled services.


  • Asset Capitalization
    • Our ERP for IT Services enables to manage assets purchased which are brought through SDI (Non-Item based).
    • The software facilitates clubbing of assets under a particular Asset Class and allows to create numerous tags for each group.
    • It allows to associate each Multiple Tags can be created for each Asset Group₋ and every asset can be associated with Cost-center and the asset value can be saved. The capitalization is done on the basis of the Actual cost or Actual Cost – Salvage.
    • Important details such as the model details, warranty, Manufacturer and Model details can be recorded. It also consists of a Journal Voucher to change Capitalization Value of the Asset Class.
  • Asset Location Maintenance
    • The software records the location where assets will be maintained. Moreover, parent-child combination can also be maintained.
  • Asset Class Maintenance
    • The software maintains all types of Assets such as Machinery & Equipment, Buildings, Land, Furniture etc).
    • It also maintains all kinds of Depreciable and Non Depreciable Assets.
    • With the help of the software inventory Cycle can be maintained for Tagging.
  • Asset Depreciation
    • The ERP for IT Services facilitates asset depreciation processing for a financial Period for a particular financial year. The assessment can also be done on a monthly and quarterly basis up to a clearly specified date.
    • The processing can also be done for Depreciation Category of Asset. Moreover, suspension period can be defined and thereafter Depreciation Charge and Suspension Depreciation are calculated.
    • Posting are done after receiving confirmation and the journal voucher passes rectification entries.
  • Integrated Financial Management
    • Our Information Technology Services help in efficient management of the complete lifecycle of assets from a single integrated system.
    • The capital investment decisions can be assessed and putting a plan B on board to calculate depreciation.
    • The software manages asset inventory verification, reconciliation and follows up the insurance or disposal process of the assets.
  • Asset Risk Management
    • The ERP for IT services manages the process of asset insurance, claim management and tracking of the claims.
    • Any discrepancies can be tracked by monitory the inventory. The risk assessment can be done in an effortless manner and simultaneously adopting a risk-based maintenance strategy.
    • The asset risk management function also includes implementation of safe work practices and built-in permit-to-work system.


Freshdesk : A new solution for providing highly efficient Customer Support

The customers have become more aware and like to make highly informed decisions. They seek services efficiently and quickly. Providing them information in real-time has become a necessity and turnaround time has to be made fast. Moreover, customers have become impatient and expect quick services. If this doesn’t happen, the customer is likely to switch to another brand/merchant. To prevent this to happen, online helpdesk is required which serves the customers in an excellent way.

We, at Online24x7 provides “Freshdesk”, -a software which is an innovative and an advanced software solution available to serve clients with excellence and promptly. With such software solution, you can never lose a customer. The software has an easy-to-use interface and is a cloud enabled application which users can use from anywhere and at anytime. This application is available on a subscription basis without any upfront costs. With the assistance of this software solution, organizations can efficiently and instantly address the complaints. This application enables to raise a ticket from popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc.


  • Help Desk ticketing
    • This feature enables to get tickets from anywhere and they can be categorized & assigned with a feature called ‘Dispatch’r’.
    • Customized ticket fields can be created with the help of the software.
    • The tickets can be copied, bcc and sent DropBox.
    • A quick overview of the ticketing function can with help desk activity streams.
    • The software enables to split complex tickets and facilitates merging of similar ones, making the management of tickets.
  • Social Customer Service
    • With the help of this feature, the software enables to provide customer care through social networking websites. The customer support can directly answer on the same social media platform.
    • It saves time by reusing the common replies with ‘Canned Responses’.
  • Time Tracking
    • The time-tracking process can be automated with start/stop timers.
    • The software enables to track time spent and create time sheets.
  • Built-in Knowledge base
    • The software enables to manage contacts and in creating knowledge base solutions on the fly starting from the mailbox.
    • SLA policies pertaining to a particular account can be created and managed.
    • Customers can help themselves with the availability of a broad knowledge base.
  • Help Desk Automation
    • The software automates the process of Ticket Categorization and assigns them on prioritization basis.
    • The tickets are automatically routed to the concerned agents or support groups.
    • To make optimum use of the software, “Smart suggestions” are provided along with the ticket.
  • Integrated Forums
    • The software has forums where constructive discussion can take place. Users can post questions, answers and suggestions in the community forums.
    • The forum posts can be converted into tickets in a single click and they can be assigned to the agents.
  • Multi-product Helpdesk
    • With the help of multiple support emails, numerous products can be easily managed.
    • The products can be distinctly categorized with separate forum categories and, solutions. Self service portal for each brand can be created with ease.
  • Help Desk Reporting
    • The Help Desk reports can be created and the performance of the agents can be analyzed.
    • Customized reports can be exported and comparison can be made with business data.
    • Time sheet reports help to assess the time agents spend in engaging with the customers. Comparisons can also be made between billable vs non billable time spent.
  • Help Desk Gamification
    • The Help Desk is made highly interactive and fun; every ticket enables the team to score points.
  • Help Desk Mobile App
    • The Freshdesk app is configurable on mobile phones and is compatible on iPhones, Androids, iPads and Blackberries.
    • The app is highly responsive and enables to multi-task in an effortless manner through scenario automations.
    • The app provides suggestions for the best solution from the knowledge database.

Our Work Process


Planning the moves

The ERP gives accurate real-time information which proves to be highly useful for any organization to use the real-time updates to the best of their advantage. It helps to manage actions proactively and prevent any glitches in the production process. With a streamlined process, organizations can increase their ROI.  With ERP for IT, manage the resources and make optimum utilization to drive efficiency into your business process.


Execute the Decision

When all the data is stored in a single location – a unified engine, then it becomes easier to access information, be proactive and make highly informed decisions. The ERP system helps to keep data consistent, and the organization can know the pulse of its customers by integrating the CRM into the ERP and thus a scalable and unified solution is available to have better conversations with the customers.


Analyze the Results

The ERP gives the managers smart tools with which they can forecast the demands and requirements of the customers and anticipate any issues that might occur in any process.  Fuel business growth with correct decisions with the assistance of smart tools and BI and witness a positive impact on your business.


Course the Correction

By reviewing the timelines, organizations can correctly anticipate the requirement for resources and increase profitability. Get accurate quotes and identify the products which need a margin improvement. Moreover, with forecasts made by the Big data- algorithms, smart Analytics, the understanding is enhanced, and thus better decisions can be made, and the business can be leveraged to increase the revenue.