ERP for Maintenance

Online24x7 offers several cloud based products, on a subscription basis which includes ERP for Maintenance. There are no upfront costs involved in our maintenance software. It proves to be highly beneficial for enterprises as they can increase their productivity with less amount of downtime and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. Advanced Help Desk software is provided which comes with numerous support features.

In asset-intensive industries, the gestation period is long and achieving the planned ROI seems to be an uphill task. The risk involved is higher as the capital invested is stuck for a long period and the industries have to wait for a long period of time before profits start showing up. The assets need to have a consistent performance so as to get the desired Return on Investment. The conventional Enterprise Asset Management software solutions are complex in nature and thus are difficult to implement. Moreover, they are expensive too and can have an impact on the budget of a company.
We, at Online24x7, offer advanced software solutions for Maintenance services which are easy to implement and are cost-efficient too. Our ERP is offered on cloud and thus can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime. Be it manufacturing plants or Real estate companies, our software solution has proved to highly beneficial for them. The solution is simple, flexible and is packed with the power and efficiency of cloud computing technology. Real-time visibility of the assets performance can be known with great ease.

  • Financial View
    • Various functions pertaining to assets such as Planning & Budgeting, capitalization, Depreciation, Revaluation, and retirement / Depreciation Simulation can be done with great efficiency.
    • Asset Insurance, maintenance budgeting and Review can be done.
  • Operations or Production view
    • Various features such as TPM / Notifications / Operations Log Book / Operating Parameters and MIS and Integration with DCS/SCADA/Telematics/Telemetry is done through the software solution.
    • With the help of the software Maintenance Planning, Forecasting & Review can be done accurately.
    • The software solutions for Maintenance services facilitates an elaborate function Asset Registry and the function of Permit Management & Safety on a roll.
  • Pre-commissioning view or Project view
    • Integrated Project Management
  • Maintenance View
    • Functions such as Maintenance Budgeting, Allocation & Review, working on creating the maintenance Strategies are carried out.
    • Work Management and programs such as MRO Supply Chain, Real-Time Condition Monitoring.
    • Lubrication Program can be done in an effortless manner.
    • The turnaround Maintenance Management (Managing Shutdowns) can be reduced.
  • Business Performance View
    • The software solution for Maintenance services helps to get a clear business performance review. With its assistance, budget and variance analysis can be done.
    • With the help of the software asset availability can be known. Optimum capacity utilization can be done.
    • Moreover, asset Performance Analysis and the reliability of the asset can be measured.
    • Along with the aforementioned functions, maintenance Planning, Forecasting & Review can also be done.
  • Safety and Environment view
    • Other functions such as Permit Management & Safety / LOTO (lock out/tag out) / Hazards and Precautions can be performed. Emission Parameter Tracking / Emission Scorecard can also be done.

Get an elaborate view of your business and get a better understanding how your business functions!
Unplanned and sudden equipment downtime can prove very costly for manufacturers, utilities, transportation networks, and other asset-heavy businesses. The repair cost too adds an additional burden on the organization. It disrupts the entire working schedule making the employees involved such as engineers and technicians to work overtime and fix the problem at the earliest. Accurate for casts needs to be made for such unwanted events so that a backup plan is ready to tackle the issue at the earliest and ensure that optimum utilization of the assets is achieved.
Our ERP for Maintenance consists of business intelligence dashboards which help the organizations to detect even a minute problem in the functioning of the assets and prevent any major failure. Moreover, analysis can also be made of the past failure patterns to detect the root cause of the problem. Thus limited maintenance resources need to be deployed instead of pulling a large workforce into action. This does not hamper the productivity and damage control can be done at the earliest. The activity proves to be cost-efficient and it increases equipment uptime and tremendously improves the service levels. Our dashboards are equipped with the facility to get an elaborate view of a business in real-time and getting accurate information about the key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • Data Visualization & Analysis
    • With this feature, employees can communicate with intuitive charts and analytics tools which can integrate with any data source.
    • Users can get a great insight into the working of the organization and work in a smart way, thereby increasing efficiency. The software requires minimal training and thus can be easily deployed.
  • Navigation
    • Each user’s role is customized and charts available in the software solution can be organized accordingly.
    • The time frame in the software can be changed and information can be found by changing the dimensions.
    • The views can customized and data can been immediately seen .Users can easily navigate through various levels of data.
  • Interactivity
    • There are numerous options available to search for the relevant data.
    • To get a better view of things, ‘what-if scenario’ analysis can be performed. Moreover, it can be performed in real-time, thus optimum performance can be forecasted.
  • Analytics
    • Programming can be altogether reduced with the help of intuitive analytics which will further help in getting a better understanding of the business functions and their performance.
    • Numerous ways are available to make a thorough analysis of the business in different scenarios.
  • Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating
    • The users can make use of the shared notes to attach explanations to data.
    • Zones & alerts can also be created to draw attention of the users to important.
    • Emails can be send on the basis of defined data behavior. Information about particular charts can e provided to provide guidance to the users about their usage.
    • To help in the process of decision making and speed it up, training and reference materials can be uploaded.
  • Visual Designer
    • With the Visual Designer feature, the data available on the dashboards can be customized.
    • The charts can be edited using the drag-and-drop tools and users can also create their own charts.
    • Private dashboards can also be created and shared with others.
    • Self-service feature is also available in the ERP for Maintenance software, thus reducing the dependence on IT.
  • Architecture Advantage
    • The software solution consists of a high-performance analytic engine and comprises of gigantic scaling capabilities. It gives the software fast performance and flexibility.
    • The software does not require any cubes as cube-like data store automatically is configured as and when the data is loaded.
    • There’s also no requirement for intermediate data stores to pre-aggregate data.

Asset intensive businesses require a proactive maintenance support system that can help them in running the business. Be it utility providers, transportation businesses or manufacturers of heavy components, maintenance supports is a huge necessity.
Online24x7 offers “Freshdesk”, a highly advanced and user-friendly cloud based software solution that is available on a subscription basis with no upfront cost. Customer complaints can be met with great efficiency and the turnaround time can be made reduced. The cloud based helpdesk software, can raise a ticket from any Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and forums.

  • Help Desk ticketing
    • The Help Desk Ticketing enables to get tickets from anywhere and facilitates their categorizing & assigning on the basis of priority to the concerned sections /departments.
    • The software solution includes the task of creation of custom ticket fields pertaining to the business, copying of tickets, bcc to a dropbox.
    • The help desk activity streams can be viewed and the complex tickets can be spilt and the similar ones can be merged.
    • Customers support can also be provided on social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.
    • Time can be saved by using canned common replies and answers can be provided directly answer on the same social media platform.
  • Time Tracking
    • The time spent can be tracked and customer time sheets can be generated.
    • With the usage of start/stop timers facilitate automatic time tracking.
  • Built-in Knowledge base
    • The software solution consists of knowledge base solutions on the fly that can be sourced from the mailbox.
    • Customer contact and companies can be managed with greater efficiency.
    • SLA policies pertaining to a particular account can be setup and managed.
    • With the knowledge base, end users can easily find solutions online.
  • Help Desk Automation
    • The process of Ticket Categorization, Prioritization and Dispatch can be entirely automated.
    • The process of routing tickets becomes highly automated as the tickets are routed to the right agents or support groups directly.
    • Along with the ticket, ‘Smart suggestions’ is provided, which gives instant solutions.
  • Integrated Forums
    • Forums are provided where members can discuss and make business decisions.
    • Customers can participate in a healthy discussion –post tips, ask questions etc.
    • The forum posts can be converted to tickets in a click and can be assigned to the agent.
  • Multi-product Helpdesk
    • With the help of multiple support emails, each product can be efficiently managed and separate forum categories can be created.
    • Self service portal for each brand can be created and unique support groups for each product can be maintained.
  • Help Desk Reporting
    • With the feature, the Help Desk Reports can be created and analyzed to know the high and low performers.
    • Custom reports can be created and analyzed with other data.
    • Time sheet reports can be created which depict the time spent in providing customer support. Billable vs non billable time spent can be compared.
  • Help Desk Gamification
    • The support team can be motivated and every support ticket can be turned into a score point.
  • Help Desk Mobile App
    • The Freshdesk application is available on mobile phones and thus support is always available. It is compatible with iPhones, Androids, iPads and even Blackberries.
    • Fast replies can be provided with canned responses and the best solution from the knowledge base can be offered to the customers.