Online24x7 offers ERP software solution services that automate all the business activities and streamline business process to yield the best results. Processes involved in the Field & Services Management business, on-site customer service, billing process-everything is automated and businesses are able to achieve optimum efficiency. Moreover, with the assistance of the software, huge savings can be accumulated and revenue can be increased. By providing services efficiently, customers can be retained and new customers can be attracted; thereby building a huge customer base.

Our software solution helps to manage your services portfolio with utmost efficiency and increase revenue in the long term.


  • With the help of our software solution, the information on services inclusive of prices, time period required, requirement of items etc, can be recorded and tracked easily.
  • The software solution facilitates setting of group tasks group a set of tasks which can be further maintained as and directly billed to the clients.


  • The enquiries of the clients can be systematically recorded and assigned promptly to the concerned departments.
  • The enquiries can be separately maintained for requirement of customer-oriented and product-oriented services.
  • The number of queries raised can be analyzed; tracked and marketing plans can also be created accordingly.


  • The software solution service also analyses and records process quotes got against enquires for customers.
  • The service order recorded can be converted to the job card and the requirements can be recorded with all the details such as delivery dates and taxes applicable.
  • The software solution also facilitates easy billing of customers or other third parties. Details such as accept returns, re-work service tasks requirements can also be recorded.
  • The services provided of the particular products or equipment can be tracked easily.


  • The software solution services helps in maintenance and the management of the spare parts used in your services.
  • Consumable items, returnable items and other spare parts can be tracked easily.


  • The software helps in recording the start time, run time and breakdowns if any, along with the reason, and the end time for a service rendered.
  • The time schedules can be easily recorded and the field sales activities of the executives can be recorded. This helps in improving the level of customer satisfaction.


  • The software helps in recording the return and repair management for the services provided.
  • It also prevents wastage of the materials as a record can be kept of the unused items and also the reworks order can be recorded that have been performed by the company.


  • The different pricelists for different tasks performed and the minimum and maximum price for a particular task or service can be recorded.
  • Third party billing and billing to the customers directly to third party organizations including Insurance Companies and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can also be tracked and recorded.


  • The service history of the customer and equipment can be recorded and all kinds of services such as enquiries, complaints, orders and invoices of a customer or service equipment can be viewed in the software solution service.


Empower your support team with FreshdeskWith our customer support and help desk tool, providing customer support becomes easier. Customer management can be made easy and their queries and complaints can be managed and resolved in an organized manner. Online24x7 offers an innovative, user friendly and advanced Helpdesk software that can raise ticket from anywhere in the world.


Help Desk Ticketing

  • The Help Desk Ticketing enables to get tickets from anywhere and facilitates their categorizing & assigning on the basis of priority to the concerned sections /departments.
  • The software solution includes the task of creation of custom ticket fields pertaining to the business, copying of tickets, bcc to a dropbox.
  • The help desk activity streams can be viewed and the complex tickets can be spilt and the similar ones can be merged.
  • Customers support can also be provided on social networking profiles such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Time can be saved by using canned common replies and answers can be provided directly answer on the same social media platform.

Time Tracking

  • The time spent can be tracked and customer time sheets can be generated.
  • With the usage of start/stop timers facilitate automatic time tracking.

Built-in Knowledge base

  • The software solution consists of knowledge base solutions on the fly that can be sourced from the mailbox.
  • Customer contact and companies can be managed with greater efficiency.
  • SLA policies pertaining to a particular account can be setup and managed.
  • With the knowledge base, end users can easily find solutions online.

Help Desk Automation

  • The process of Ticket Categorization, Prioritization and Dispatch can be entirely automated.
  • The process of routing tickets becomes highly automated as the tickets are routed to the right agents or support groups directly.
  • Along with the ticket, ‘Smart suggestions’ is provided, which gives instant solutions.

Integrated Forums

  • Forums are provided where members can discuss and make business decisions.
  • Customers can participate in a healthy discussion –post tips, ask questions etc.
  • The forum posts can be converted to tickets in a click and can be assigned to the agent.

Multi-product Helpdesk

  • With the help of multiple support emails, each product can be efficiently managed and separate forum categories can be created.
  • Self service portal for each brand can be created and unique support groups for each product can be maintained.

Help Desk Reporting

  • With the feature, the Help Desk Reports can be created and analyzed to know the high and low performers.
  • Custom reports can be created and analyzed with other data.
  • Time sheet reports can be created which depict the time spent in providing customer support. Billable vs non billable time spent can be compared.

Help Desk Gamification

  • The support team can be motivated and every support ticket can be turned into a score point.

Help Desk Mobile App

  • The Freshdesk application is available on mobile phones and thus support is always available. It is compatible with iPhones, Androids, iPads and even Blackberries.
  • Fast replies can be provided with canned responses and the best solution from the knowledge basecan be offered to the customers.