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Know your Customers better

To earn profit, business ought to know the pulse of the customers. All the sales and marketing activities are focused upon the client’s behavior and references. Businesses leave no stone unturned to match the requirements of the clients in the best possible manner. Customer acquisition and retention is very important for a business and thus every effort should be made keeping in mind the preferences and likings of the customers.

The market is highly competitive and to survive in it, organizations have to be at the same wavelength as that of the customers. They have to understand their needs and preferences and manufacture products accordingly, they have to tweak things as per the demands of the clients and provide them high quality products and services.

Online24x7 provides CRM system software on Cloud which helps organization in knowing their clients much better and produce goods that meet the expectations of their customers. After understanding the clients’ requirements, effective business strategies can be developed that efficiently cater to their needs. The software is equipped to keep a record of every stage of the sales process and post-sales process. Information is archived and assessment is made to provide better service to the clients in the future. With the conclusion drawn from the software, business and marketing strategies can be changed or new ones made to get better results.

A thorough understanding can be gained of the clients’ preferences and likings and thus the rate of lead conversion can be improved. Our CRM on Cloud makes information gained, easy to understand as it can be presented in easy reports and dashboards. Forecasting can be done with precision and manufacturing can be done in accordance with the clients preferences.

Shoot up your sales with our CRM on Cloud.


Today customers have become more aware about the products and services available in the market. They are exposed to a great deal on information through digital media. Even before you decide upon sales strategies, they are done with their decision making! So, you and your sales team need to be highly pro-active to keep pace with the changing preferences of the customers. They require a placid software solution that helps them to get a great insight into the customer’s mindset and their changing preferences. Our CRM on Cloud helps your sales personnel to sell more and rake in more profits.


Customers are scattered in different geographical locations, therefore organizations have to make an effort to reach out to them to provide them a timely response and efficient service. They have to be accessible to them anywhere, anytime, and on any device. As a provider of goods and services, you should instill confidence in the customers and encourage them to be loyal to your company.
  1. The CRM system software solution helps in attracting the attention of the customers through various platforms such as web, social, chat, and mobile. It is equipped with full multichannel service capabilities.
  2. The CRM provides employees a single, unified tool so that the sales staff can deliver quick customer service with the Unified Service Desk feature.
  3. The service feature reduces the service response times and improves case resolution. An exhaustive Knowledge Base helps in the improvement of customer service.
  4. The software solution manages and exceeds customer entitlements and service level agreements (SLAs). It allows for the routing and queuing which help in laser targeting the goals.
  5. The software solution equips the sales staff with tolls to increase customer efficiency.


The market is fiercely competitive and thus businesses have to plan and execute campaigns with greater efficiency.
  1. The software solution helps in improving the brand image of the organizations and maintaining a high degree of consistency in a short period of time.
  2. Helpful customer insights can be gained which lead to higher rate of customer acquisition.
  3. Plans can be made with precision and executed with perfection.
  4. Campaigns can be managed easily and bottlenecks removed to serve the customers efficiently.
  5. A better understanding of the customer behavior can be gained to increase sales.
  6. Team spirit can be inculcated and the concerned sales staff can be in sync with agencies on brand, content, and events to stay aligned and agile.
  7. The impact of social media can be measured across different channels and brand presence can be significantly improved with the assistance of the software solution. The CRM system software solution is equipped with advanced business intelligence (BI) tools (like heat maps and trends) to make better decisions on future investments. The emphasis is laid upon transforming marketing from a cost centre to a growth centre.


It is the responsibility of the sales staff to identify revenue generation opportunities. They should also have the skills and the talent counteracts the challenges of the market. Social insights are used to engage customers in conversations that result in fruitful interactions.
  1. Our software solution is equipped with several intuitive features such as Microsoft Social Listening. Our software solution helps businesses in keeping a check on the brand presence and following the strategic initiatives across marketing, sales, and customer service.
  2. It helps to know the customers in a much better manner and the sales staff can engage the customers on various platforms. The idea is to provide services as per the preferences of the customers and retain them for life.


The Hierarchy Management features assists in monitoring and management of the sales department. The focus is to improve the lead conversion rate and thus the performance of the sales personnel should be improved to garner better results. It also helps in providing effective guidelines to the sales personnel which can assist them into a greater lead conversion. The Hierarchy Management feature in our CRM software assists businesses in sales management and guides the sales staff in achieving their targets.
  1. The CRM software solution defines the structure of the sales department and the hierarchy involved. It brings more transparency in the team.
  2. Sales personnel’s performance can be measured and monitored.
  3. The software makes a correct assessment of the strategies of the sales team.
  4. The senior sales personnel can provide guidance to the sales team with an aim to improve their efficiency in increasing sales.


The Event Management feature gauges the effectiveness of the expenses incurred on events. This feature measures the efficiency of ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) events by keeping a track of event-related data. The feature prepares a cost-benefit analysis to measure the efficiency.
  1. The software helps in deciding upon the quality leads.
  2. It helps in following up leads generated during events till their closure.
  3. It is equipped to perform cost-benefit analysis on the recorded leads.


The ‘Lead Management’ is embedded with tools to record all the activities covering all steps of the sales project beginning with lead generation to its closure. All the details- the source of the lead, contact information of the lead, type of the lead, evaluation of the potential of the lead (whether it will lead to conversion in sales) etc are recorded in the software. Remarks can also be added to provide important information about the customers’ requirements.
  1. The Lead Management feature of the CRM on Cloud assesses the quality of the leads generated. There’s also a provision for adding and recording remarks.
  2. Leads can be assigned to sales people in an easy manner.
  3. This feature helps in making the follow-ups easy and reduces the closure time of the deal.


Our CRM system software helps organizations in never letting go of a lucrative sales opportunity. The software defines each client as an account in which all the information about the client is described. With all information about each client at one place, sales personnel can address the requirements of the existing and prospective clients efficiently. Its user-interface enables viewing of the sales opportunities and provides suggestions.
  1. The CRM software facilitates in systematic assignment of leads to the sales staff.
  2. The software keeps a track of the progress of the sales-staff with ease.
  3. The sales department with the help of the software can easily determine the probability of sales closure.


Our CRM software enables businesses in assessing sales opportunities and keeps a track on it at the different stages. The Opportunity Management feature keeps a track on the important data about the various stages in the sales process. With this feature, no opportunity can be missed pertaining to the conversion of leads into sales.
  1. With the help of the software, sales opportunities can be accessed and analyzed.
  2. It increases the probability of conversion of leads into sales increases.


The performance and the efficiency of the sales department can be measured against the objectives chalked out in advance. Different factors are taken into account while measuring the performance. For instance, the work put in a particular time period; the number of sales people involved in a particular task to achieve a goal is taken into consideration. This feature thus spots any laxity on part of the team and helps to improve their performance.
  1. The software helps in creating the objectives for the sales team.
  2. The performance and efficiency of the sales team can be monitored.
  3. The software solution increases the probability of the conversion of leads into actual sales.


Online24x7 provides CRM on Cloud that assists in efficient management of the sales personnel. Field activities can be planned with meticulous planning which include meetings with potential clients, demos; follow-ups till the deal is closed.
  1. The software solution assists in monitoring the activities of the sales team on a daily basis.
  2. With the help of the software, the team leaders and sales managers can provide timely guidance to their teams.


Our CRM software is equipped with capabilities to create individual report card of the sales team. It is embedded with the Sales Person Tracking feature which monitors the activities of the sales persons. It keeps track of the time spent in terms of planned hours and actual hours spent on the sales activities.
  1. The software solution helps in monitoring the sales team’s performance.
  2. With the help of the software solution recommendations can be prepared and provided to the sales team in order to improve their performance.
  3. The software assists in decision making for providing the training & mentoring session to the sales team to improve efficiency.