DMS on Cloud

Document Management System

Online24x7 offers an intuitive Documents management software solution which empowers business organizations to get a complete control over their documents. The Documents Management Software helps medium and large scale companies to get a smooth business process automation and enables quick retrieve content.

Online24x7 offers an easy solution towards gaining a complete control over documentation. Companies can create, co-author and create a large number of e-documents. Our Database Management System with integration into Microsoft Office and Outlook allows companies to automatically import documents from shared folders.

Active Directory is one of the main components of Windows. The Active Directory is a directory service from Microsoft for Windows domain networks. It makes use of the Light Weight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP versions 2 & 3, DNS and Kerberos). Most of the Windows Server OS have an Active Directory. The Active Directory (AD) works wonderfully with the EDMS software. It manages the contacts of your various accounts and enables to log in with a single username and password for multiple accounts.

The Professional Workflow feature of the document management software, makes documents management process a highly automated one. With an integrated professional workflow, businesses processes gain optimum efficiency. Operations become highly reliable and customised with this feature of the EDMS software and perfectly match an organization’s requirements. Online24x7’s integrated Professional Workflow customises the routing and management options. Users can easily keep a tab on the location of the document in the system with great ease.

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