Ecommerce is the norm today. People spend a considerable amount of time online, surfing the net and searching for the relevant information, so it makes complete sense for business organizations to engage them online. Ecommerce marketing has become an absolute necessity where organizations can promote and sell their goods and services and acquire customers. With continuous online promotion, customers can be retained successfully.

Our ERP for eCommerce comes with a number of features that make it an absolute delight for users to use it on a regular basis. An attractive shop bar, a highly useful and time saving Autosuggest search, CMS system, B2B shops, Product tags, SSL support, One page checkout, Guest access (anonymous checkout), Multi-currency support with online exchange rate update are some of the features that make all the difference in a successful ecommerce marketing campaign and a non-successful one. Other features include Configurable measures and weights, Export and import with XML, Excel and SmartStore.biz, Multilingual support and a great support of affiliate programs.


There are 2 models of ecommerce ERP available and you can decide upon one after considering which model suits your needs in the most efficient manner. An integrated eCommerce solution will connect the front web store and all the product related information will be used to promote the website. Orders can be accepted online and all this information is available in real time. So, it allows you to pack the product and ship it quickly to make the delivery within the stipulated time period. Moreover, it eliminates any duplicate entries and all the data is stored in a single database.


The other model in ecommerce marketing is that of standalone eCommerce platform in which the users have to manually upload the product information and orders placed have to be entered into the system manually.


Our integrated ERP for eCommerce will spare you the upfront investment costs and also give you peace of mind as there will be no probability of human errors as all the uploading, entering and storing of data will be an automatic process.