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ERP Software SolutionsERP Suite
Online24x7 offers ERP software solutions on Cloud which helps businesses in keeping pace with the new advancements in the technological world which have a direct impact on how organizations operate. This ERP Suite is cost-effective and helps you stay ahead in competition from other players in the market.
Campus - ERP Modules.ERP
The software industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is offering advanced technology to various sectors and industries. The educational sector is no exception and there is a high demand for campus management systems, school management software and institute management software which is being used by a large number of educational institutes.
HCM on CloudSales
Online24x7 provides robust HCM software that addresses the Human Capital Management requirements right from recruitment to retirement of the employees.
We, at Online24x7, offer sophisticated HCM software on Cloud that helps in Service, Resource & Planning functions enabling organizations to get the advantages of SRP Features and avail the benefits.
CRM on CloudSolution
To earn profit, business ought to know the pulse of the customers. All the sales and marketing activities are focused upon the client’s behavior and references. Businesses leave no stone unturned to match the requirements of the clients in the best possible manner.
DMS on CloudDMS
Online24x7 offers an intuitive Documents management software solution which empowers business organizations to get a complete control over their documents. The Documents Management Software helps medium and large scale companies to get a smooth business process automation and enables quick retrieve content.
Ecommerce is the norm today. People spend a considerable amount of time online, surfing the net and searching for the relevant information, so it makes complete sense for business organizations to engage them online.
SharePoint SolutionSPS
Online24x7 provides SharePoint customizations and deployments have become our point of strength over the last couple of years. We have a dedicated team of SharePoint specialists and domain experts who are proficient in understanding your evolving business needs to tailor make solutions for your business.
Dynamic 365Sales
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales empowers sellers with the insights, guidance, and tools to drive personal engagement with customers.
Solution by IndustryIndustry
The industry is riddled with a number of complex problems which businesses have to face on a daily basis. Be it the risk mitigation or achieving optimum utilization of resources, the industry has to be on its toes to overcome these and many more challenges to ensure a comfortable survival in the market.
By Function
ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning is a highly preferable system that can easily integrate internal and external flow of information. It acts as an exhaustive & single solution which reduces the complexity arising in the accessibility, accuracy of information giving users easy access to accurate shared data.
Banking and financialServices
The banking sector is full of challenges and operates in a volatile environment which is prone to dynamic changes on a regular basis.Changes in the economic environment have a considerable affect on the working of the banks, insurance companies and organizations working in the Financial Sector.
Energy and utilitiesERP
The Energy & Utility sector has a challenging work environment and is full of opportunities. The biggest challenge is to achieve optimum utilization of the scare resources. Moreover, natural resources are already declining and the energy & utility industry has to manage and maintain the capital-intensive assets efficiently.
Technology has ushered in a revolution that has the potential to transform and accentuate the pace at which organizations desire to achieve their goals and objectives.
Logistics is an important arena which requires great attention in order to keep the business up and running. Technology has transformed the ways in which the supply chain management and logistics was implemented.