Be A Part Of The Ruling Revolution!.

Technology has ushered in a revolution that has the potential to transform and accentuate the pace at which organizations desire to achieve their goals and objectives. Not only the private sector which is known to embrace technology with increased fervor, but also the government and the public sector undertakings are too taking keen interest in adopting advanced technology and reaping the numerous benefits offered by innovation in technology.

The public at large has huge expectations from the government and want good governance without any excuses. They need to be accountable, efficient and should have a transparent work process that inspires confidence in the citizens. The Information, Communication and Technology prove to be a potent tool in the hands of government to implement its duties with greater efficiency and simultaneously meet the expectations of the citizens. The government with the help of advanced ERP for Government Sector can manage its resources in a highly efficient way and achieve optimum utilization of its resources. Moreover, the government can provide goods and services of high quality and can take accurate decisions regarding its implementation of policies for the benefit of the public at large. With the assistance of advanced machinery, the governments can streamline its organizational machinery and integrate its various business processes seamlessly.

Online24x7, provides highly advanced software solutions for the Government which meets the requirements of modern day functioning and assists the government in taking accurate decisions.

ERP for the State, Federal and Central Government

We provide a robust ERP suite that provides assistance in implementing strategic activities such as budgeting, accounting, debt management, accounting, project management, purchase management. The government can have more fiscal control, can ensure transparency in budgeting and tremendously improve the decision making process. All these activities when implemented with greater efficiency help the government in achieving the desired rate of economic growth.

Software solutions for the Municipalities

The government wants to ensure that municipalities are able to complete their projects without the stipulated time period without any hindrances. Moreover, efforts are made to make them independent, self-reliant and take them out of the clutches of red-tapism so that a stable economic growth can be achieved. Our software solutions for the government helps the government in achieving these aforementioned goals with an array of features such as planning, management and operations across different functions such as providing utility billing services etc.

  • The scalable solution provided in the software assist the government-State, Federal, Central and municipalities in the timely implementation of activities.
  • The solution can be easily integrated with the prevalent IT infrastructure in the organization and reduces the operating costs to a great extent. Technology can be put to best use with the help of our software and the government can be successful in meeting the expectations of the public.
  • Our ERP for government sector is a web-centric solution that is highly secure and embedded with the modern features. The government can fast track the implementation of policies and functions.
  • Our software can either e implemented via cloud computing technology or can be installed on premise and it can further optimize the internal infrastructure.
  • The software does not require a huge upfront investment in infrastructure and can be easily accommodated in the budget.
  • Last, but not the least, our software solutions for the government ensure that citizens are able to reap the benefits accrued from good governance at all levels.