Best Social Media Practices to follow while investing in Social Engagement

Best Social Media Practices to follow while investing in Social Engagement

Content is something that acts as a potent force that pulls your audience towards your products and services. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has organized and streamlined social communication across public channels with its Social Engagement solution. Every business uses the social media platform to create a bond with its target audience through various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest -the most popular among the users. The adage-‘’out of sight, out of mind’’, still holds today and has more relevance in the digital age where every seller seems to be shouting from the rooftop. It’s important to be consistent and active on the channel to get yourself noticed among the potential and existing buyers. So, the right amount of conversation with the users enables them to feel your presence and keep you in mind when they want to order a product or service, and you might be selling it actively on social media. Social Engagement is now available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise without any additional cost, and thus there’s no reason why this powerful solution should not be used.

Let us discuss the different platforms which are being used to engage in conversations with the target audience.

  • While posting on Facebook & LinkedIn, the message or post should be precise, concise and the caption should be catchy. The headline attracts the users, and they are motivated to read more about what you are trying to say. The most number of clicks will be on the posts with an attractive headline. Including the numbers is the best strategy for being in the audience. ( If you are reading this, probably one of the reasons that attracted you to the blog was the heading,- we love to include the numbers!) Moreover, you should know the pulse of your audience. Your business depends on your customers, and thus great efforts should be made to know about the likes and preferences of the customers. So, post content that your target audience will probably like and will find suitable.
  • Vlogging: Invest in Vlogging as it is the new age concept and highly likable one to disseminate information about your product or service. The young generation loves it, and the older one is too catching up with the idea of videos. So, with written content, invest in content that is made into videos and with good production value, find your audience with videos that boast of high-quality content. By using the keywords in the Title, Tags and the description, expect the right amount of SEO traffic.
  • Use short links: The shorter the link, the easier it is to track on the links which are shared across different channels. Performance Management can also be done with the help of Microsoft Social Engagement. Know the type of audience – age group, gender, their demographics, preferences, and keywords that are bringing in the audience- everything can be known, and thus efforts can be made for better conversations.
  • Twitter: Needless to say, that you have to take care of the character count always. It is 140 characters in all, and you have to make a robust, eye-catching statement to attract your audience. Put images as well. Pictures say a thousand words and that’s entirely true in today’s digital age. Photos with a good resolution will captivate your audience so that your posts sets itself apart from the crowd.
  • Hashtags: if you aren’t using the relevant hashtags on Twitter, then you are not making your presence felt complete. You are under-utilizing the platform and limiting your reach. Insert your content in other conversations on Twitter, and by using the #CX hashtag, it will add your tweet to other relevant discussions. But you have to make sure that there aren’t too many tags as that would jeopardize your content and create an image of your business that’s desperate to seek attention!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Social Engagement is a great tool to leverage your social media presence and engage with your target audience. With the Selling Assistant feature, get personalized recommendations that can be shared on social networks. It helps to increase social presence and get more leads. It is a product that gives useful analysis about the customer behavior, their preferences, likes and dislikes and the data collected proves to be highly valuable in increasing the customer satisfaction rate and eventually the sales. The data when integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales/Service will help the organization to know what the customers want, and thus efforts can be laser-targeted for customer satisfaction. Get actionable information and improve the productivity of your team to increase the revenue.

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