5 Characteristics to Look for in your Dynamics 365 Migration Partner

5 Characteristics to Look for in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

When planning for Dynamics 365 cloud migration, it is crucial to choose the right partner to help you effectively through the process. Here are some essential things that you must consider while selecting the right partner for your business

Along with the choice of technology, choosing the right Dynamics 365 partner is also vital to the ongoing success of overall CRM and ERP solutions. .

Technology partners are a crucial extension of Microsoft, providing deployment implementation and industry expertise. How do you select the best partner for your company? With these five characteristics, let us assist you in selecting the right partner for your Dynamics AX or Dynamics CRM migration.

  • 1) Level of Microsoft Certification:
    Microsoft Certification Level is first on the list. Microsoft is a stickler to this, as it has a rigorous training and evaluation procedure for its partners and specialists. To put this into perspective for ERP or CRM solutions, partners with Microsoft Silver or Microsoft Gold partner certification have demonstrated, backed up by data, that they have valuable experience selling products in this range and that they have a certain number of trained and certified professionals as required by Microsoft. To acquire an insight into a partner's capabilities and experience, you must examine certificates as a business.

  • 2) Knowledge and experience in specific industries/sectors:
    As we all know, the entire business environment is broad and diversified, with each sector/industry having its own identity and distinct traits. This is why it is critical to find a consultant familiar with the industry/sector in which you operate. This will allow your company to make faster progress on the project and provide you with faster responses to any questions that may arise during the implementation process.

  • 3) Ongoing Assistance:
    After a successful Dynamics 365 setup, the work should not finish there but should continue over time, as issues with the program may develop from time to time. As a result, selecting a Dynamics 365 partner who will be available in the long run to resolve any issues by offering continuing Dynamics 365 Support.

  • 4) Upgrades are guaranteed:
    As we all know, the digital world moves at a breakneck pace, so one day, something is essential, the next, it isn't. Because Microsoft is constantly renewing itself, it makes sense to ensure that you have a Dynamics 365 partner familiar with each new addition that Microsoft adds to that product.

  • 5) Customer Feedback - What do other people think?
    Last on the list, but certainly not least, is learning what their prior customers think of them. One of the simplest methods to accomplish this is to inquire about the relationship they have formed with their prior customers, the amount of success they have obtained, the speed of the solutions, and the importance of communication. This can help you determine whether this partner will benefit your company in the long run or if they are not a suitable fit.

Conclusive Thoughts
This blog explains how vital it is to select the correct Dynamics 365 Migration partner to get the best services per your business's requirements. Make sure you dedicate enough time and use the logic mentioned above to find the ideal Dynamics 365 partner who can adjust to the needs and requirements of your business management system.

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