Top 5 Tips For Customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Top 5 Tips For Customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is a famous enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform trusted by many companies of various industries. The reason behind its popularity is its customization ability. Organizations can customize this platform per their business requirements to fit their business environment.
However, it is essential to implement the customization correctly to get the maximum benefit of this feature. For this reason, we share expert tips on customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration to suit your organization.

1. Make Use of Email Templates In Microsoft Outlook
In the business world, emails are unavoidable. Prefilling Dynamics 365 email templates with properly structured text messages eliminate the need to type out identical information for each email. You will need the appropriate permissions to generate email templates in Outlook using Dynamics 365.

2. Use the Power Platform to Create Email Templates
By leveraging the Power Platform to develop Dynamics 365 email templates, you may obtain additional control over the format of the email templates. You can use information already in your database, such as a recipient's first and last name, to fill out an email.

  • Log in to the Power Platform administration console.
  • Locate the Environments tab and choose your favorite environment.
  • Select Settings.
  • The Templates arrow should be expanded. Look for the option Email templates.
  • Select New from the Actions bar to begin working on your email template.
  • Locate the Email Template Type dialogue, select a template type, and click OK.
  • Fill in the blanks with the text for your email template.
  • If necessary, you can include data fields in your email template. Choose Insert dynamic text, then Add data field.
  • To add the specified data to your new email template, click Insert.
  • Step 9 should be repeated until all desired data fields have been added.
  • To save your changes, click Save and Close or just Save.

3. Make Reports
Setting up report kinds to fit everyday business demands is one of Dynamics 365's most significant capabilities. You can extend Dynamics' report customization beyond the preset templates. Businesses can use Fetch XML to build SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) or Fetch-based Reporting Service reports.

  • Open the module for which a new workflow is required.
  • Setup -> [Name of module] workflows should be selected.
  • When the list page displays in the Action Pane, click New.
  • Select the type of process you want to create on the Create workflow page, then click Create a workflow to bring up the workflow editor.

4. Create Workflows
Workflows in Dynamics 365 enable you to automate a variety of back-end activities. Users can also execute them on an as-needed basis.

When configuring your workflow, you can choose from the following choices.

  • Drag Workflow elements editor items into the canvas.
  • Connect workflow components.
  • Set up workflow property configurations on the Properties page.
  • Individual elements dragged onto your processes, such as approval phases and automated actions, can be configured.

5. Create Custom Views
Custom views allow you to determine how information is shown within a Dynamics 365 application. You influence elements such as:

  • Which columns should be displayed?
  • The width of each column
  • Record sorting choices by default
  • There are filters available to limit which records appear in a list.

Users can configure their views to be a personal, system, or public.

  • Personal opinions - Users' opinions are available only to those with whom they desire to share them.
  • System views - System views are held by an organization and are visible to everyone.
  • Public Views- Individuals can customize these general-purpose views.

Users in Dynamics 365 can develop custom views using the built-in App Designer or the Solution Explorer.

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