Know how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Services is benefitting Health Care Industry

Field Service is an elaborate system that allows streamlining field operations by using a mobile workforce. It includes scheduling service orders, assigning dispatching agents, tracking vehicles and keeping a tab on the progress of the work. All these tasks are automated with the help of robust software solutions. Dynamic 365 Field Service offers a platform that provides a comprehensive product suite for enterprises.

Field Service in the Health Care is a challenging and a complex task and institutions and businesses involved can perform the functions with it with Field Service Management Technology. Dynamics 365 offers a scalable solution that interjects operational efficiency with the assistance of IoT. Thus, the problems can be anticipated, detected, troubleshoot at the earliest without creating an impact on the resources employed.

Technology in Field Management helps in achieving optimum efficiency of the field professionals. Moreover, it provides an excellent platform to achieve a higher rate of customer engagement and that’s made possible by self-service portals and making sure that the customers are served with a high level of commitment. People going into the field and interacting with the customers should have access to updated and correct information, and with Dynamics 365 for Field, people benefit with technology laced CRM, Accounting and ERP all embedded into one. The application is easy-to-use and can be connected with other devices and existing apps. The advantages of Field Services Management for the Health industry can be explained as follows:

Job status updates

The Field service adds a lot of value to an industry by maximizing the efficiency of the field service professional. The field service department can access information that is being shared by the personnel in the office. So, all the employees are connected while being in the hospital, clinic and those working out in the field. In the area of Life Sciences, the field workforce comprises of many professionals. The health care field service is very challenging as in most of the roles it requires prompt action and response. For instance, the paramedics, who are specialist healthcare professionals tend to patients outside the hospital. They are a part of the Emergency Medical Services team and work in ambulances. As soon as they get a call, they are out to render services immediately. They are trained in emergency medical care which includes providing a high level of cardiac life support, controlling bleeding, Fracture Management, Attending burn patients, Spinal Injury management, etc- all these require emergency assistance, and thus the role of Paramedics is significant.

Thus if all the information regarding the location, estimate about the number of people injured, the kind of injury, etc. all these details are quickly available to the paramedic via a centralized system and information is shared with the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – trained clinicians who have received training to respond to medical situations really quick. Ambulance attendants, Ambulist, medical assistant, paramedics, EMT, doctors, emergency room staff-all can be connected with a centralized system, and everyone has access to all the information at the same time so that the task at hand can be efficiently done.

Back-end systems

Delivery of medical care, medical supplies, and equipment – all needs to be done in a way that guarantees customer satisfaction. All the information is updated and thus the process is completed with high efficiency.

Cut down hardware costs

With SaaS, the hardware costs come down drastically as the system can be easily accessible from any device and web connection is required. So, the companies do not have to invest in a physical IT network. Organizations are also spared from paying an upfront license fee and invest in an elaborate IT infrastructure. Thus, the companies involved in the medical industry can concentrate on core business activities.

Inventory Management

All the details concerning parts and inventory management can be efficiently managed with the help of the Dynamics 365 for Field Services. For the distribution of medicines to the wholesalers and the retailers who sell drugs, medical supplies, and medical equipment, the whole supply chain is required to be managed with high efficiency. Physicians, medical equipment supplier, veterinary doctors, psychiatrist, Speech-language therapists, Physiotherapist, Acupuncture specialists, Nurse practitioner, Health care inspector, elderly caregivers, all work out of the premises of the hospital or clinic and provide medical care to the patients. They can be connected with the cloud services based applications with their employers and thus filed services can be managed excellently.

Integrated Invoicing/ payment system

Field service is a mobile job, and it requires a system that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. So, medical professionals can access data and enter data from the site and anywhere while at the go. The whole process is streamlined- Updating the job status, and getting the digital signature from the customer and even printing the receipts via a mobile printer. The technology speeds up the process and gives users the benefit of mobile technology. The entire supply chain can be connected via a centralized system and authorities can keep a tab on the whole process.

Time Tracking and driver logs

With cloud-based applications details regarding the driver -route, time and attendance all can be tracked with great ease. With Route Optimization and GPS Navigation, a close tab can be kept on the activities of the field services professionals.
From the above discussion, we can conclude that an excellent platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers several benefits to the Health Care industry. Online24x7 is a reputed and a custom software development company that has served thousands of businesses in the past decade. We are a popular Microsoft partner and Microsoft Cloud Deployment partner. Connect with us and adopt this fabulous technology to streamline your Field Services Management.

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