Microsoft Teams Free Trial 6 Months

Microsoft’s Covid-19 Response- Microsoft Teams Free Trial for 6 Months

Microsoft Teams or referred to as Teams is the new-age platform that offers several tools to communicate and collaborate, such as video meetings, chats, file storage features, and file integration services. Microsoft Teams has made remote work more comfortable and more efficient. It has become a necessity in the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic with a focus on social distancing and online collaboration. Teams fit the bill perfectly as it offers numerous features that make team communication collaboration an easy, quick, and fruitful process. Organizations can virtually meet and get things done as they would typically do onsite. Remote work is the need of the hour, and Teams is offering the perfect opportunity for organizations to do business remotely and even yield better results. Microsoft is offering a 6- month free trial to the premium versions of Microsoft Teams. It is a welcome move as a large number of organizations have to work remotely and carry out their business operations as they usually used to do. Microsoft has made the offer available for the public health safety of the employees and the customers and concerned parties.

Microsoft Teams Free Trial for 6 Months is aimed at giving users a realistic experience of how MS Teams function, and they get to know how it can change the Dynamics of communication and collaboration with virtual tools. They increase their productivity but also ensure much-needed transparency. Whether you have a global team of an in-house dispersed team, provide greater efficiency and transparency in business operations. Get benefited from the modern collaboration tools and put your employees in a remote environment that lets them work more efficiently and be accountable to their respective responsibilities. So, what do Microsoft Teams offer you and what Limited Offers entails for small and mid-sized companies, Enterprises, and Partner-managed customers? Lets us show you around what the Microsoft Teams Free Trial offers.

  • Unlimited Chat and Search: Communication is a breeze when you have Microsoft Teams to keep you connected with free chat and quick searching capabilities.
  • Free Built-in meetings and audio or video calling features to take Team Collaboration to the next level.
  • Microsoft Teams Free Trial offers 10 GB of team file storage and 2 GB of personal file storage per user.
  • With the trial offer experience, Real-time collaboration with Office applications for the web includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • File-Sharing: Employees can easily share files with co-workers and work on them simultaneously to achieve the desired results.
  • Co-authoring: Ensure a productive collaborative environment for your teams and enable them to access, share, and edit data in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Screen Sharing: in the trial offer, you can give terrific presentations and share your opinion and take things forward. Choose what you want to share, in chat, meeting, and team up to present your ideas in the best possible manner.
  • Create a superb Teamwork environment The Microsoft Teams Free Trial allows you to create a conducive working environment for the employees by providing them access to 250+ apps and services.
  • Guest Access: You can even offer guest access to outsiders to the exiting teams and channels in your organization.
  • High Security: Microsoft Teams ensures your peace of mind with Data Encryption capabilities, so your data is safe and secure.


Users with corporate or consumer email address can sign up for Teams and users who do not have a paid Microsoft 365 Commercial subscription can get the free version of Teams.

Get unlimited chat and video calls, File sharing, and storage capabilities in the free rail version. Organizations can get the Microsoft Teams Free Trial 6 Months, and set up online meetings with up to 500 K users. Bring together your team and create a collaborative environment for your employees to share ideas and put across their point of view to create an environment that allows everyone’s participation that helps in achieving the common goals and objectives of the organizations. Please, note that the Microsoft Teams trail person is a free offer with no hidden cost involved. Get access to Office applications with the online version of Microsoft Office. So, you can access Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Additional Backend services available in Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams (Teams1, Teams IW)
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1
  • SharePoint Online Kiosk
  • Exchange Foundation
  • Flow for Office 365 Plan 1s
  • Forms
  • Office Online
  • Sway
  • SharePoint Online Kiosk
  • Stream

If you wish to upgrade to the paid version of Microsoft Teams, then the person who has created the tenant can directly upgrade from the Teams Free product. By upgrading, users get access to a complete set of Team Capabilities, including additional storage with plans starting at 1TB file storage per person. They also get access to advanced IT Controls. With the paid version, users also get access to the first additional first and third-party integrations.
Microsoft is also offering Limited-time period offers. In this new-users can avail full-featured version of Teams with one of the following offers:

  • Small and Medium Business

    • Users can sign-up for a one-month trial of Microsoft Business Standard, which includes a full- version of Teams.
  • Enterprise

    • A free- six-month trial of Office 365 E 1 which includes a full version of Teams
    • Partner Managed Customers: With a Microsoft partner, get Teams for free for six months with an annual commitment.

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