Best Ways to Optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance Agents

Best Ways to Optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Insurance Agents

As more insurance companies move into the digital era and service standards, the technologies develop and evolve to meet the demands of these new industry standards.

As a digital pioneer, Microsoft has assured that its Dynamics 365 platform is one of the most dynamic and versatile options for an insurance firm to modernize how they do business. They've even built an Insurance Accelerator to help organizations start their platform immediately, based on their expertise with insurance companies and other customers in the Financial Services market.

How Can Dynamics 365 Help the Insurance Industry's Growth?
Dynamics 365 is a platform built for customization. Microsoft is assisting insurance firms in redefining how they do business by enabling them to interface with other agencies more effectively, follow specified and uniform procedures, obtain insight into agent performance, and even employ AI to improve any interactions within the agency.

Microsoft has fully integrated its Common Data Model (CDM) infrastructure into Dynamics 365 to make this process more efficient. After properly configuring the system, CDM can aggregate all corporate data, resources, and information into a single uniform platform, enabling management and agents easy access.

For example, practically every agent will be required to conduct policy research and issuance during the work week, but how each agent personally proceeds through that process can vary greatly. With Dynamics 365, policy issurance can be handled in a standardized, consistent manner that agents may access directly from the platform. This ensures that no consumers are overlooked, that information is centralized, and the possibility of errors is minimized.

Best Features of Dynamics 365 for Insurance BrokersThere are numerous advantages to using the Dynamics 365 platform for an Insurance Agency, including:

Agents can work through their active claims more quickly and better track their work in progress at a glance. Since everything is centralized and more intuitively found, you may spend less time searching for and assembling information for the data you require.

Creating personalized and standardized workflows. Although the Insurance Accelerator provides agents with out-of-the-box insurance workflows and dashboards, these components can be adjusted and customized to match the unique steps of your specific process.

Making your own apps. Custom apps may be developed to streamline daily tasks using the boundless possibilities of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, eliminating the need for professional developers. Drag-and-drop app creation provides greater freedom in developing applications that add actual value to Agents.

Using a consolidated information base for Insurance Agents - allows each agent to better match the needs of their clients with the best available policy on the market.

Agents can use particular criteria to find a list of relevant customers. An agent may wish to be able to upsell a new insurance product to a list of qualified policyholders while working on their sales pipeline.

How to Begin Using Dynamics 365 for Insurance BusinessesEven with out-of-the-box solutions, such as the Insurance Accelerator, your company will benefit from bringing in a consultant to assist with integrating and adjusting current dashboards and workflows to personalize them to your organization's working style.
At Online24x7, we can assist you with assessing your processes, determining how they may be standardized, and translating that into a workflow inside Dynamics 365.

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