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Microsoft Partner Guidance for Partner-initiated Microsoft Teams

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In today's times, where the global workforce constitutes a significant part of organizations and in challenging times of COVID-19 break-out, there has been a tremendous demand for a secure, reliable, and an advanced platform that can offer Team Collaboration across diverse geographical locations. Microsoft Teams is the ultimate solution that meets the requirements of remote work solutions. New customers get full-teams experience and a smooth transition to paid SKUs that include Teams-Business Premium, E3, and E5. Existing customers get a one-stop destination for all their Team Collaboration and Communication needs, and they can serve their customers with excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why create a partner-initiated trial?

Microsoft partners manage customers, not having direct access to Microsoft Teams. Online24x7 acts as the perfect Partner for organizations that want to experience Microsoft Teams and asses its utility. The Trial offers acts as the best solution for organizations as Microsoft Teams Free Trial for 6 Months gives the full teams experience that go a long way in acquiring customers and retaining them to create a large customer base. Users can access Meetings, Chats, and Office 365 and improve the quality of Customer Engagement throughout the process of Sales and successfully close the deal. Read on, to know more about the Partner -initiated Microsoft Teams.
Online24x7 has specialists who manage the entire Microsoft Teams Trial offer and later assist them in adopting subscription plans. We offer an end-to-end solution for Microsoft Teams Trial Lifecycle and enable organizations to start their Microsoft Teams journey with confidence.

What's the USP of the Trial?

Partners need Trial lifecycle reporting to embed Trials into the sales process ad campaigns. It helps in managing customers' activities during the Trial process and before and after the Trial, the period ends. This feature of reporting is unavailable in the current user-initiated trial period. So, it gives an advantage in terms of management of the trial period.

Which users are offered support in this Trial?

  1. Customers who have newly integrated Office 365
  2. Existing customers with SKU's but do not have Microsoft Teams. They have Exchange Plan and Subscription to Office 365

Do partners have to wait 6 months to convert customers to higher paid SKU?

It is not necessary to wait for the 6-month trial period to end, and we can easily convert customers to paid subscription plans at any time.

Who can initiate the customer trial?

CSP partners can initiate the Trial.

Will the trial automatically to convert to a paid SKU with Teams?

After six months, the trial period will end and will not automatically convert into paid plans.

What is the immediate action required after the creation of the Trial offer?

It is an absolute necessity that users should be enabled in the Microsoft 365 Admin centre.

Details of the trial

Duration of the Trial

The Trial is of 6 months duration- starting from the day the offer is initiated in Partner Center. So, the date of commencement of the Trial is essential. It is user-agnostic, which implies that if a user were added to the Trial offer three months ago, he'd have only three months of free usage available. The offer will end precisely six months from the date it was initiated.

When does the Trial start?

The trial period starts when the offer is initiated for the tenant, and the time when users are assigned licenses is not considered.

Which customers are eligible for the 6-month free Trial?

Customers who have subscribed to the following solutions can avail the offer:

  • New customers who don't have an Office 365 tenant
  • Customers who have subscribed to Exchange Plan 1 and Exchange Plan 2
  • Customers who have subscribed to Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Business
  • Customers who have Dynamics 365 subscriptions

Which customers are not eligible for the Trial?

Customers who are a Syndication Partner or come under the category of the following cannot avail of the 6-month free-Trial offer:

  • GCC
  • GCC High
  • DoD
  • EDY

What happens when the Trial ends?

It is notable that when the Trial period ends, the users are not automatically upgraded to the paid plans. However, their user data, which Includes Microsoft teams, is not deleted. The user exists in the Azure Active Directory even after the trial offer ends, and when the new license is assigned, the data will still exist.

What is the number of seats included in the Trial?

One thousand seats are available for Trial Subscriptions so that the whole organization can benefit from the solution.

How do you upgrade from the Trial?

Upgrading from the Trial offer is very easy as users have to buy the subscription plan that includes Teams and assign the new license. But before proceeding, the trial license from the users should be removed.

Which service plans are included with this Trial?

Exchange Foundation

  1. Microsoft Teams (Teams1, Teams IW)
  2. Forms
  3. Microsoft Planner
  4. PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1
  5. Yammer Enterprise
  6. Microsoft Whiteboard
  7. SharePoint Online Kiosk
  8. Office Online
  9. Stream
  10. Sway
  11. Flow for Office 365 Plan 1


What if a customer has Exchange On-premises?

If the customers are not using Exchange Online, the Calendaring functionality will not be supported.

How do I enable the Partner-initiated Teams trial?

Partner centers can enable the customers for the Trial by following the step-by-step guide.

Who gets a notification when the Trial is initiated?

When the Trial period starts, the customer Billing admin gets the notification. Customers who have availed the subscription also get the information of 'Microsoft Teams Trial' under the tab of 'Available Subscriptions.'

Can CSP customers use the user-initiated 1-year Trial?

Yes, the CSP partners can use the Trial, but they won't have the visibility to when the Trial begins and end.

How is the Trial managed and users assigned licenses?

The Microsoft Teams Commercial Cloud Trial which is initiated by a customers end user or administrator offers companies with an AAD Commercial domain or an Office 365 license that does not include Teams a 1year trial of the product. Excludes Syndication Partner Customers or customers in GCC, GCC High, DoD, or EDU.

Who is notified when the Trial is initiated?

Trial Management The Licenses provided through trial offers can be assigned or unassigned by Tenant admins, i.e., admin partners; thus, they can optimally utilize the features of Microsoft Teams.

Difference between Partner-initiated vs. User-Initiated Trial

The Microsoft user-initiated trial offer is initiated by a customer-end user or administrator that provides companies with an AAD Commercial domain or an office 365 license that does not include Teams 1 year Trial of the solution. The Trial does not include Syndication Partner Customers or customers in GCC, GCC High, DoD, and EDU.

What is the Microsoft Teams User-Initiated trial?

The Partner-initiated Trial aims at empowering the partners to utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, engage and retain customers successfully. The sales campaign is leveraged so that partners can convert customers to paid SKUs. The Partner -Initiated Trial is integrated into the Partner center, and the Trial offer is started for customers when they are ready. The reporting allows tapping upsell opportunities as it gives insight into customers' trial dates.

Are there differences in features and services in the two trials?

Though both the Partner-initiated trial offer and the user-initiated Trial encompass the same features and services. The only difference lies in the fact that the Partner-initiated Trial does not need an AAD Commercial domain. The offer can be used for both new and existing customers.

Can both trials run simultaneously?

No, both the Trials will not run simultaneously.

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