Top 10 reasons to consider Migrating SharePoint On-Premise to O365

Top 10 reasons to consider Migrating SharePoint On-Premise to O365

SharePoint is such a comprehensive platform that boasts of immense capabilities for Team Collaboration, Project Management, Document Management, and more activities. Extend these capabilities of SharePoint by seamlessly integrating it with Office 365. The integrations add a new dimension to the several advantages that SharePoint offers- and get the best of SharePoint and Office 365. Content Sharing and Collaboration has become super-easy and interactive with the amalgamation of SharePoint and Office 365.

  • 1. Cost-efficient:

    Every organization looks for ways in which cost can be reduced. By opting for SharePoint Online which is available on a subscription-based model, organizations can buy the license on the basis on the number of employees. As the number of employees keeps varying, adding, removing or assigning the Office 365 license is not a hassle. The amount is charged on the license issued and thus, it proves to be cost-efficient.
  • 2. Extend the capabilities of Office 365 Group:

    Group communication is essential for any team to work in tandem and collaborate to achieve the desired results and objectives. The team can view, edit and share files and they can also see records and schedule group meetings with great ease.
  • 3. Move your data to Hybrid Cloud:

    Although Microsoft offers many security features, there are a large number of organizations who have reservations of putting their sensitive data outside their networks. SharePoint Online gives the solution of Hybrid Cloud-Based services, and thus companies can keep their confidential information on-premise and move the rest on the cloud. SharePoint Online gives organizations the control as to where the OneDrive will be stored. With OneDrive for business, file storage and maintenance with network drives is effortless. So, that is a welcome change for sure.
  • 4. Up & Running:

    SharePoint Online comes with great support and boasts of 99.9% SLA reliability. Thus, you can be assured of the fact that the network is up & running. Still, if there’s an issue, a ticket can be raised, and within one business day, the problem is taken care of.
  • 5. Role assignment:

    This is a crucial part of Team Management, and by using Microsoft Planner, SharePoint Online allows to create multiple task lists that may be related to daily tasks or may be associated with to-do lists for different projects. Role assignment is done with greater efficiency as tools for the work can be easily customized from other list templates.
  • 6. Interactive Directory:

    The Layout is an amalgamation of rich content that includes text, images, Videos, and the recent site activity is also displayed. Now with mobile-friendly characteristic, Accessing SharePoint on mobile devices is now a breeze. Connect, collaborate and communicate anywhere to and achieve your goals with great ease. Thus, you have 24×7 accessibility, and with Microsoft’s Mobile App it’s easy and quick to access on mobile devices through their App. In case, connectivity is an issue, and then also the user can sync the files to Windows Explorer and then when the connection is available, he can sync it back with SharePoint Online.
  • 7. Improved workflow:

    When users can easily connect and automate services such as Microsoft Dynamics and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other applications, it empowers them and facilitates a seamless experience. The Microsoft Flow Feature enables code-free interaction with an incredibly large number of third-party services. When tools and metrics are embedded in the program itself, then it becomes effortless to integrate the Power BI reports to a SharePoint page whether it’s the display charts, Dashboards, KPIs and thus information is available in just a few clicks.
  • 8. Reduce Maintenance Cost:

    After migration of SharePoint into Office 365, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance cost as there’s virtually no cost involved and to worry about dealing with network drives, files and folders and granting permissions while taking into consideration the security profiles.
  • 9. Eliminate the cost of updating with new software:

    Microsoft Keeps introducing new versions of its products, and it becomes a hectic process for any organization to uninstall the existing versions and get new software installed. But with SharePoint Online, there’s no such thing to worry about as it uses the Rolling Release model. In case, there’s a new update; it is automatically integrated into the existing versions. Most of the times the updates are available free of cost!
  • 10. Secure:

    Security is always a top priority for any organization. Using SharePoint Online and the process of giving external access is an easy task. Security of your data should be the last thing on your mind because Microsoft offers incredible protection by encrypting the data with BitLocker while it is being stored at their Data Centres, the location of which is a piece of classified information. To give access, the Microsoft Account needs to be connected with the company email and guest links can be created to provide uses access to folders and files or site created in SharePoint. Organizations can also provide access to specific groups, and some user behaviour can be blocked, and users can be prevented from sharing a particular type of information. So, there’s no compromise on the security as organizations can keep the sensitive information on the private network and thus data can be accessed without creating any additional authentication systems.

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