B. S. Anangpuria Educational Institutes

Developed a Cross-platform
Enhanced Performance & secured Cloud Storage
Integrated Power BI seamlessly with existing applications
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Revealing the Existing Function on Framework
Objective-streamline business process
Ease of configuration
Objective-streamline business process
Existing App Integration
The Solution
Built and deploy a mobile application with its comprehensive range of compilers, code libraries, support programs and APIs
online services
Enhanced performance built-in transparent data compression and encryption features.
Revamped Power BI that give Visual data insights and a clear-cut understanding of complex datasets, identifying relations and correlating trends by precisely pinpointing the most relevant information.
Installed Office 365 that is totally secure environment with robust security measures in place
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Value Delivered

Developed .NET that refer to the software development tool that Microsoft created for its own ecosystem of products and services.

Enabled multiple users simultaneously to work on the database systems

Provided an easy drag and drops feature with a range of interactive data visualizations to generate reports and dashboards.

Enabled to store files in the cloud for sharing and collaborative work

industry iconIndustry Educational
organization icon Organization Size <25
Products & Services
  • .net
  • SQL Server
  • Power BI
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft 365
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