Developed customized solutions for internal use.
Developed various application for office automation
Built many different types of applications
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Outstanding Technical Support
Objective-streamline business process
Excellent Data Restoration and Recovery Mechanism
Ensure data safety
The Solution
Offered .NET application development services to utilize the Microsoft ecosystem’s capabilities to develop and maintain their own IT solutions
online services
Curated .NET Framework programming paradigm that enables various software applications on Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, Windows Phone, and XML Web services.
Managed system services, memory, code, and ensures code security
In house applications i.e. Travel Requisition, Cab Requisition, Stationary Requisition, PR requisition etc.
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Value Delivered

Created apps that run on multiple platforms with less coding, higher performance by leveraging native optimization supports

Enabled businesses to build all types of mobile applications and desktop applications for XML web services

Assisted the business to access data quickly. Business get more done in less time and further helped them to run rapidly and efficiently.

Excellent compression and encryption capabilities that result in improved data storage and retrieval functions.

Industry Manufacturing
Organization Size 53,349
Products & Services
  • Dot Net
  • SQL Server
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