Online24x7 offers a wide range of solutions to manage this key functional area that streamlines all your activities from acquiring raw materials, inventory handling and order fulfillment processes, and ties together your supply chain so your business delivers every time, on time.


Are you worried about inefficient purchasing processes, lacking the ability to track Purchase Orders, miscommunication between departments and late payments?Online24x7 offers “Our ERP on Cloud”, a cloud based application, tailor made for all the manufacturing industries to efficiently manage Purchase cycle.Our ERP on Cloud is a seamless, integrated and automated solution that enhances your procurement process. It equips you with deep insight and visibility across your purchases, ensuring that improved quality and quantity management, vendor management and cash flow management are no longer merely catch phrases but a solid reality!Best of all, being a cloud-based product, features that you’d generally find on a full-fledged solution can be accessed with just an Internet connection from anywhere and at anytime.

  • Purchasing
    • Supplier management
    • Purchase requisitioning
    • Quotation processing
    • Contract and agreement processing
    • Order processing
    • Drop ship
    • Consignment and capital purchasing
    • Buyer control
    • Supplier rating
    • Rolling purchase planning
    • Imports and vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Receiving
    • Advance shipment notification
    • Pre-receipt acknowledgement
    • Receiving, inspection
    • Goods return and moving
  • Subcontracting
    • Subcontractor management
    • Quotation processing
    • Contract and agreement processing
    • Order processing
    • Material reconciliation
  • Reporting
    • Pre-defined inventory
    • Subcontracting & Receiving management reports


Rise of Smart Manufacturing.

The focus of manufacturing is about consistently creating high quality products, being able to meet customer commitments, planning and stocking right, managing regulatory compliances, keeping pace with rapid industrial innovations, responding to changing customer preferences and being ready with strategies for an ever-changing socio-political-business climate.

Join hands with Online24x7, to mount these challenges smoothly! Our solution to the production management, is a highly scalable and flexible, that features powerful and comprehensive tools and metrics to help you manage your manufacturing business, for both Discrete & Process manufacturing, end-to-end.

  • New Product Development:
    • R&D project management
    • Production trials
    • Commercialization
  • Product Data (Discrete Manufacturing)
    • Calendar management
    • Bill of material and routing
  • Product Data (Process Production)
    • Production process setup
    • Formula and recipe management
    • Version control
    • Co-products and by-products
  • Production Planning
    • Production forecasting
    • Master production schedule (MPS)
    • Manufacturing requirements planning (MRP)
    • Capacity requirements planning (CRP)
    • Distribution requirement planning (DRP)
  • Production Order Management
    • Work order processing
    • Work order splitting and combining
    • Capable to promise (CTP)
  • Production Scheduling
    • Forward scheduling
    • Backward scheduling
    • Bottleneck scheduling
    • Critical ratio based scheduling and finite scheduling
  • Production Execution
    • Material reservation and issues
    • Shop floor reporting
    • Back flushing
    • Scrap and waste accounting
    • Rework
  • Quality Management
    • Standard operating procedure (SOP)
    • Inspection plan and QC processing
  • Reporting
    • Pre-defined manufacturing management reports


Get a 360-degree View of Inventory across the Supply Chain.

A successful business relies on many factors, the most important being an impeccable inventory management system. Inventory management consists of everything from accurate record-keeping to shipping and receiving of products. Inventory management that is properly maintained can keep a company’s supply chain running smoothly and efficiently. However, there are many common inventory management problems that can occur.

Whether you are a manufacturer who regularly needs to stock and track inventory, or a trader who needs to keep track of the items that are selling briskly, Online24x7’s solution for the Inventory Management, Our ERP on Cloud, has the tools that you need. The solution provides a set of pre-built components that automates and streamlines all the inventory activities of your organization. Besides providing planners with the real time visibility of inventory across the supply chain, the system also equips you with the necessary planning tools to help you make quick and accurate decisions.

  • Inventory Management
    • Item administration
    • Storage administration
    • Stock management
    • Bar-coding
    • Lot and serial management
    • Physical inventory
    • Cycle counting
    • Template based item generator
    • Containerization
    • Catch weight
    • Pack size and product conversion
  • Warehouse Management
    • Storage structure
    • Storage strategy
    • Picking strategy
    • Warehouse planning
  • Reporting
    • Pre-defined inventory management reports
    • Operations Analytics


Bring alive the dynamics of your business with our beautiful dashboards.

Organizations in every industry are being challenged to do more with less. For example, as supply chains become more global, they grow more complex and difficult to manage. All organizations are looking for ways to increase operational efficiencies across people, processes and assets. Online24x7 offers business intelligence dashboards that the organizations can use to monitor performance metrics such as on-time deliveries, product failures and incident response times and to display important metrics for better data visualization. Online24x7’s dashboards will give your organization a panoramic view of your business. It gives you the real time visibility and a greater insight into the key performance indicators (KPIs). Take Your Operations Team from the nightmare of Spreadsheets to Real Time Insight.

  • Data Visualization & Analysis
    • Interact with intuitive charts and sophisticated analytics
    • Dynamically integrate with any data source
    • Visualize KPIs and underlying drivers in ways that are easy to grasp
    • Empower users to work smarter and faster, gaining important insight
    • Deploy with minimal training
  • Navigation
    • Organize charts on dashboards tailored to each user’s role
    • Easily change time periods and filter by dimensions
    • Get to where you want to go quickly and intuitively
    • Customize views so that users see data that’s important to them
    • Navigate quickly across different levels of data
  • Interactivity
    • Use tremendous and flexible options for drilling down and across data
    • Perform root-cause and what-if scenario analysis
    • Easily switching dimensions mid-drill
    • Understand root-causes
    • Use real-time what-if scenario analysis to predict optimal performance
  • Analytics
    • Empower your users with intuitive analytics, and no programming
    • Help your users understand their business
    • Use data storytelling to explain what’s happening
    • Quickly explain performance and uncover problems
    • Use multiple ways to view data to analyze different circumstances
  • Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating
    • Use shared notes to attach explanations to data
    • Call users’ attention to issues with zones and alerts
    • Trigger emails with specified data behavior
    • Upload training and reference materials to aid decision-making
  • Visual Designer
    • Make it easy for users to personalize their own dashboards
    • Use drag-and-drop to create and edit charts and dashboards
    • Leverage pre-defined chart formats or create your own
    • Create private dashboards or share them with others
    • Provide self-service customization without relying on IT
  • Architecture Advantage
    • High-performance analytic engine
    • Virtually unlimited scaling capabilities, fast performance and flexibility
    • No cubes required
    • Cube-like data store automatically configured as data is loaded
    • No need for intermediate data stores to pre-aggregate data
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