Dynamics 365 Human Resources


Human Capital Management

HR personnel always have to be on their toes to perform different functions as they deal with the active factor of production-the employees. They have to create a perfect balance between the function of talent acquisition, talent retention and optimization of costs. To achieve this goal, IT applications system has to be the state-of-the-art. For the success of the organization, it is imperative to engage the employees on the daily basis so that they feel participative in the growth of the organization. This can be achieved by easy access to information at anytime and from anywhere. Our HR software is designed to empower the employees by making information easily available to them. Ours is an intuitive HCM suite which can be easily deployed on Cloud and is available on subscription basis. It is noteworthy that there are no upfront costs involved in acquiring our ERP for human resource.


Our software solution makes workforce planning an easy task. It efficiently addresses the requirements of the human capital in an organization in terms of their number, their time of hiring and it defines their role in a perfect manner. Our software consists of the highly useful Adaptive planning’s Personnel planning tool which makes it easy to plan the workforce effortlessly .With the help of the software, the right talent can be placed at the right job.

  • The software consists of configurable sheets which makes headcount planning easy.
  • The software has an intuitive and easy-to-use data entry interface.
  • The HR department with the assistance of the software can plan groups of people in aggregate or on the basis of individual headcount. Moreover, they can also split headcount across departments, projects and funds.
  • The software enables the HR personnel to import personnel data from the HR system easily.


Money is all about being deft with numbers and a business boils down to its revenue! Money: Know your numbers
All the strategic decisions are taken on the basis of numbers and that is why the accounting is given a very important place in the business. But to derive correct financial information is also very important to take accurate decisions regarding the organization and ensuring its continuous existence. He most difficult part is that of preparing statutory reports and balance sheets. We, at Online24x7, offer comprehensive financial management software, that will allow you to handling all the financial activities with great ease. Our ERP on cloud is one of the best things that you can get to overhaul your financial management department and streamline it from the scratch. Our ERP is a cloud based application, which does not require any upfront cost for installation and can be easily deployed in the existing software systems of an organization. Step –by-step information is provided to aid users in creating financial statements in the desired format. Important financial data, such as Chart of accounts, Bank/Cash masters & statutory masters can be handled with great efficiency. Reports can be generated in real time which aid in taking the best decisions for businesses

In a nutshell, this cloud based ERP acts as a great value proposition to your entire financial management system.

  • Payable Management: It involves Invoice processing, Payment processing, Expense accounting, EDI and P-card administration and Supplier management.
  • Receivable Management: This feature involves Invoicing, Billing, Revenue accounting, Cash application, Collections, Credit and Customer and dispute management.
  • Employee Expense Management: This feature of or ERP comprises of various functions such as claim processing, Advances, Disbursement, Audits and verification, Compliance and Governance and reporting along with the function of.
  • Record to Report Services: This feature consists of General accounting, Treasury accounting, Fixed asset management, Bank operations, Reconciliations, Statutory reporting and Consolidation.


Every organization aspires to grow turn its expansion plans into a stark reality. Along this process, financial consolidation is a must which can cover various divisions and locations across the globe. Multiple business organization accompanied with the daunting task of managing multiple currencies and managing different financial reporting systems. Managing them on spread sheets is not only time consuming but also proves to a mentally exhausting task for the user.

To ease things for organizations, Online24x7, has “Adaptive Consolidation” from Adaptive Planning, a leading cloud based application, on a subscription basis, in store to offer to its users. No upfront cost is involved in procuring this software solution. The USP of our software is its functionality which can be used in a highly efficient way to manage the financial consolidations. This process can be automated and speed up to close the books quickly.

  • Financial Consolidation
    • Quicker and faster financial consolidation can be achieved and accurate close and report cycles can be created.
    • The performance can be tracked against expectations.
    • The software offers a number of advantages such as that of improving visibility, audit, and giving control to users during financial consolidations.
    • The ERP also facilitates acceleration of reporting cycles to internal and external stakeholders.
    • The software easily complies with accounting standards and regulations.
  • Partitioning of Actuals Data
    • The actual data can be easily segregated and categorized for security.\
    • The software differentiate imported actuals from adjustments.
    • The reports can be viewed on rolled up actuals from various sources.
    • The source of actual data can be easily determined where actual data came from.
    • Controls can be implemented in terms of as to what users can see and do with actual data.
  • Intercompany Eliminations
    • The software consists of an intuitive Elimination Rule Manager and facilitates viewing of intercompany eliminations in journal-entry format.
    • The ERP improves data integrity with eliminations in balance and improves flexibility with date-effective rules.
    • Moreover, intercompany eliminations can be monitored and managed in real-time.
  • Minority Interest
    • It has the capability of quickly and easily defining the consolidation percentages.
    • Hypothetical scenarios can be performed in terms of changes in ownership interest.
    • The ERP support IFRS and GAAP ownership change reporting.
    • Every item can be viewed at one place which makes it easy to enforce checks and balances
  • Allocation Planning
    • The complex formulas are replaced with simple yet intuitive interfaces
    • The software ensures and improves accuracy with allocations that are always in balance
    • The activities performed by users can be streamlined and it ensures that rules can be managed at one place
    • The software is capable of adapting to change with date-effective rules
    • The checks and balances can be enforced by seeing everything in one place
  • Multiple Currencies
    • The software ensures that the complexity of multi-national planning and reporting is reduced.
    • The software can integrate actual data and plan in local currencies.
    • The ERP also saves time and improves the accuracy with automatic conversion.
    • The software makes use of multiple exchange rate types which also includes the historical.
    • It simplifies with automatic Cumulative Translation Adjustment.


The software helps in improving the dynamics of your business with attractive dashboards which offer great functionality.

  • Working with Spreadsheets is substituted by working with Real Time Insight provided by the software.
  • Timely and relevant financial information is offered by the software which paves the way for increasing profitability and managing compliance issues. It helps in making prompt and accurate decisions for the business.
  • We offer a comprehensive financial analytics suite from Adaptive Planning to visualize strategic business information in an exhaustive manner. Our ‘Adaptive Discovery’ is a cloud based application which is offered on a subscription basis and it doesn’t require any UPFRONT COSTS. The real-time information provided by the software will enable to view financial performance can be viewed in multiple dimensions and time periods. Accurate better and faster business decisions can be made by analyzing through Real-Time information through In-Memory analytics.
  • We, at Online24x7 also creates Financial Dashboards to give users a bird’s eye view of the business. Moreover, real-time visibility is provided for the data and a better insight is gained into the Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Data Visualization & Analysis
    • The teams can easily create an interactive environment and coordinate with intuitive charts and detailed analytics
    • The ERP can easily integrate with any data source. Teams can visualize KPIs in a way they want to and therefore they can empower users to work in a smarter and a faster way. They can gain important insight into work and improve their productivity.
    • The software solution offers great easiness in deployment also.
  • Navigation
    • The software ensures great navigation as the concerned staff can organize charts on dashboards which can be further customized to each user’s role.\
    • It can easily change time periods and filter by dimensions.
    • It leads users to the desired place in the software with great ease.
    • Views can be customized so that users can view important data relevant to them.
    • Easy and smooth navigation is offered to navigate quickly across different levels of data
  • Interactivity
    • The ERP for Finance is embedded with numerous flexible options for searching information across data
    • Hypothetical analysis can be performed
    • The software facilitates switching dimensions mid-drill and helps in understanding root-causes
    • Optimal performance can be forecasted with the real-time what-if scenario analysis
  • Analytics
    • The ERP empowers users with intuitive analytics, and no programming hassles
    • With the help of the software users can understand their business. Data storytelling is used to explain the scenario
    • Quickly explain performances can be analyzed and problems can be identified
    • Different ways can used to view data to analyze different circumstances
  • Alerting, Knowledge Sharing & Collaborating
    • Zones and alerts can be created to draw attention to specific data/information
    • The software enables sending mails with specified data behavior
    • It also provides information about specific charts to guide users
    • The software also uploads training and reference materials to help in decision-making
  • Visual Designer
    • The software allows to personalize own dashboards
    • Charts and dashboards can be created by using drag-and-drop tools
    • The pre-defined chart formats can be leveraged and users can also create their own charts . Theycan also make private dashboards and share them with others
    • Self-service customization is offered without the assistance of IT
  • Architecture Advantage
    • The software is embedded with a high-performance analytic engine
    • It has unlimited scaling capabilities and is designed to give fast performance and flexibility
    • There are no cubes required and cube-like data store is automatically configured as data is loaded
    • There is no need for intermediate data stores to pre-aggregate data


  • The financial help Helpdesk your team to perform much better as it empowers them with great support through its various features
  • Our online Help Desk proves to be highly cost-efficient as compared to the on-premise help desk.
  • The Freshdesk”, is a unique product embedded with advanced features and is user-friendly. It is a cloud based application available on a subscription basis and it does not include any upfront costs. The complaints can be addressed instantly, with our all new cloud based helpdesk software.
  • Freshdesk can raise a ticket from any Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and other forums.
  • Help Desk ticketing
    • The help desk ticketing feature allows to get tickets from anywhere
    • It brings in more efficiency in the ticketing process activities such as that of categorization, prioritization and assignment and makes their dispatch more quick and efficient.
    • It creates custom ticket fields pertaining to your business and you can copy tickets to someone, or bcc to a dropbox
    • The help desk activity streams give users a quick overview of all the activities
    • It facilitates a quick process of dealing with the ticketing process. It split complex tickets and merges similar ones
  • Social Customer Service
    • The software solution offers an easy and an efficient way of providing customer support through social networking sites.
    • It also saves time by using common replies via canned responses and the answers can be provided on through same social media.
  • Time Tracking
    • The software helps in tracking the time spent and in generation of time sheets
    • Time can be automatically tracked with the assistance of start/stop timers
  • Built-in Knowledge base
    • The software helps in creating a strong knowledge base starting from the from the mailbox
    • You can easily manage contacts and companies and create &manage SLA policies pertaining to a specific account
    • With the help of the software an exhaustive knowledge base which acts a s a reference base for searching solutions for problems online
  • Help Desk Automation
    • The software automates the process of Ticket Categorization and takes care prioritization and dispatch. Moreover, it facilitates automatic sending of the tickets to the concerned staff and support groups
    • Tickets automatically routed to the right agents or support groups
    • The software is intelligent in its own sense as it offers “Smart suggestions” of possible solutions a long with the ticket
  • Visual Designer
    • The software allows to personalize own dashboards
    • Charts and dashboards can be created by using drag-and-drop tools
    • The pre-defined chart formats can be leveraged and users can also create their own charts . Theycan also make private dashboards and share them with others
    • Self-service customization is offered without the assistance of IT
  • Architecture Advantage
    • The software is embedded with a high-performance analytic engine
    • It has unlimited scaling capabilities and is designed to give fast performance and flexibility
    • There are no cubes required and cube-like data store is automatically configured as data is loaded
    • There is no need for intermediate data stores to pre-aggregate data
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