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The Extended Capabilities of Microsoft office 365 SharePoint services

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service that can be readily used by businesses irrespective of their size. The best part about Microsoft office 365 SharePoint services is that a company can get Microsoft 365 Subscription plan or opt for standalone SharePoint service. Users need not install and deploy the SharePoint server on-premises with this cloud version office 365 SharePoint. Users can easily organize share and manage content, knowledge, and applications.

Advantages of Microsoft 365 SharePoint online

Office 365 SharePoint online provides a brand-new platform that offers excellent scope for interaction, collaboration, and offers shared access. Teams can work from anywhere as they get the flexibility of place and time. They can work together in a highly reliable and secure environment provided by Microsoft SharePoint online Microsoft office 365 SharePoint services come with many additional capabilities and are offered as a part of Microsoft packages with an Office 365 and Microsoft 365 license.


Cloud-based service

The best part about office 365 SharePoint online is that the solution is cloud-based. Cloud-based capabilities allow users to access it from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a web browser, and you are good to go! Your data is more secure with Cloud services. The upfront costs that require investing in setting up servers and not to forget the maintenance costs- there is no such thing that SharePoint Online needs.

Efficient Content Management System

Office 365 SharePoint online acts as a one-stop destination for all your content needs. Users can quickly locate the desired information and make quick decisions with quick access to information.

Easy Customization

Office 365 SharePoint comes with its excellent set of standard features, but customization adds utility to the solution. Every organization can create their unique identity in SharePoint Online. SharePoint online is highly customizable, and it gives organizations a free hand in customizing their intranet.

Integrates with Microsoft Teams

When you can integrate SharePoint Online with Microsoft Teams- it helps to collaborate even better. Users can create pages embedded with excellent functionality with SharePoint's new pages and SharePoint framework. It is always nice to work within Teams with documents that you can easily refer to and take Team Collaboration to the next level.

Easy storage

Microsoft 365 SharePoint online users can easily save and sync flies by using OneDrive for business. So, there is no need to save files on the desktop. With OneDrive for Business, users can easily access documents at any time. SharePoint Online enables controlled access and which allows managing access to sensitive data.

Ensures Greater Transparency

While working on Project Management, office 365 SharePoint online proves to be the best platform ever. Not only can users view and work on their documents, but they can also view the documents on which their colleagues are working. Of course, they need to have access to such files and documents. It ensures that the entire team is on the same page and can collaborate wonderfully to achieve the desired results.

SharePoint is a powerful Application that allows excellent team Collaboration. Reap the benefits of SharePoint with our Continuous SharePoint Support Plans. Looking for round-the-clock SharePoint Support & Maintenance? Online24x7 has 10 Years of experience in offering SharePoint consulting and Development services ensuring that our clients can reap the benefits of the SharePoint platform to the fullest. Online24x7 has an experienced team of Consultants, Technical experts, and Developers who have worked with a large number of small and mid-size companies that thwart the challenges that arise due to technical issues and integrating the solution with existing applications.

We offer SharePoint Support and with our dedicated services, our clients can fully concentrate on their Business Activities. We offer extensive support for on-premises, Cloud or Hybrid SharePoint Solutions. Our experts ensure that even the most complex problems and the business operations are carried out without any hindrance. Our team provides the following SharePoint Support.

  • Find the bugs and fix them
  • Solve issues relating to Hardware and Architectural issues
  • Fix search issues and fix incompatible add-ins
  • User Authentication issues
  • Fix issues regarding accessing SharePoint
  • Fix Integration Issues
  • Update the system on a regular basis
  • Fix Content Management issues
  • Get flawless performance and extended Development Capabilities
  • Carry on Security Audits
  • SharePoint adoption and further leveraging its extended capabilities
  • Monitor SharePoint and fix any performance issues

Azure Services Management Support

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