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Transform the way Business Applications are run and used to enhance the efficiency of the business activities. Bring together your business processes, employees and customers and build a successful business by achieving the goals envisioned for your enterprise. It’s the age of Digitalization and its vital to use the technology to the best of its capability. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful combination of CRM and ERP systems with extended capabilities. It is a modern business application that organizations can use easily to leverage their business. With Big Data, MI, AL, Mixed Reality offer beautiful capabilities, and it is imperative to use them to succeed and thrive in a fiercely competitive market. Microsoft introduced Dynamics which offers a powerful combination of ERP and CRM giving a business a great tool that boasts of sustainability, scalability, and extensibility. Explore Dynamics 365 which has ushered a revolution in the business world giving organizations the desired control, flexibility to adapt to market situations and get consistency across different platforms. Our dedicated MS Dynamics experts have assisted a large number of organizations who offer Implementation, Customization, Integration and Support Services for Microsoft 365’s broad spectrum of applications. Get the extended capabilities of Cloud Computing and Intuitive Analytics.

Benefits of upgrading to Dynamics 365

Customer satisfaction is the main motive of any organization as achieving it leads to the achievement of all the primary and secondary goals. Build a personal relationship with your clients that results in a long-term fulfilling business relationship. With intuitive Sales, Marketing and innovative Customer Relationship measures gained with the help of AI and ML, and an organization can increase sales and revenue.

A primary concern of every organization is to achieve maximum efficiency from every process- be it manufacturing, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Sales, Marketing Field Service, etc. Organizations need robust solutions with which they can effectively manage their operations and make optimum utilization of the resources available. With Intelligent guidance from AI and ML embedded tools and analytics, organizations can make better decisions and moreover, with authoritative guidance, they can anticipate problems and come with simplified solutions to even the most complex issues.

Accelerate your business growth with Dynamics 365, the next generation of CRM and ERP applications. Redefine your traditional global financial management. Automate processes to increase efficiency. Decrease operational expenses and financial complexities.

The Human Resource is an active factor of production, and this department needs to be strong so that it can handle all the other elements of production well, drive efficiency and give the desired impetus to the business. Attract and hire the best talent for your organization and witness efficiency being integrated into every business function. Improve employee retention rate with the help of this advanced software.

With the powerful, applications, organizations can tap new markets, create new products and improve the existing ones to meet the requirements of the customers in the best possible manner. With advanced tools, know what your customers want and manufacture products that match their expectations.

The Dynamics 365 is an advanced application embedded with the Artificial intelligence and the power of Machine Learning, Mobile capabilities and Mixed Reality that drives innovation into your business.

When an organization unifies its processes, employees, and clients, then a higher degree of efficiency is achieved. The Dynamics 365 acts as a common Microsoft cloud platform in which connects all the business functions such as Finance, Sales, marketing, Human Resource, Field Services and many more and make those accessible to the concerned teams. Thus the employees of each department can connect seamlessly and take proactive decisions and therefore the company can achieve its goals and objectives efficiently. With seamless connectivity, better relationships are created, and the organization can build a large customer base.

The Dynamics 365 Application comes with built-in AI, ML, Mixed reality Capabilities and smart analytics that help businesses to get completely new and better insights into their business activities. They learn about new ways to improve their business activities and increase revenue.

The Dynamics 365 application is a great application that meets your business requirements as it acts as an extended application and can be easily integrated with other technologies. You can build new solutions and reap the benefits of the extended capabilities that the solution offers without spending a fortune on buying new software to meet the demands of your growing business.

Dynamics 365 Sales

Insight, guidance, and tools to increase personal engagement with customers
Microsoft Dynamics is an excellent CRM- Customer Relationship Management Software that gives remarkable insights into the sales process and improves sales productivity. This application is user-friendly and works on Cloud, so all the advantages of Cloud Computing are available such as easy access while on the go. The Sales team can never miss the opportunity as customer information can be accessed on mobile devices from anywhere and at any time.

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Dynamics 365 Marketing

Fetch the desired results with Dynamics 365 for Marketing Event Management Every marketing activity aims to attract prospective clients and increase the revenue of the business. Surveys have concluded that nearly 3 or 4 people who experience branded event marketing exercises are likely to buy the goods and services being promoted. With the use of the right tools and technology, business organizations can increase the customer engagement rate and generate high-quality leads. It is essential to engage with the leads generated and nurture them to close the deal. Events are a vital marketing strategy that can be bolstered with the assistance of reliable technology.

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Software Solution Services

Providing Services Efficiently Online24x7 offers ERP software solution services that automate all the business activities and streamline business process to yield the best results. Processes involved in the Field & Services Management business, on-site customer service, billing process-everything is automated and businesses are able to achieve optimum efficiency. Moreover, with the assistance of the software, huge savings can be accumulated and revenue can be increased. By providing services efficiently, customers can be retained and new customers can be attracted; thereby building a huge customer base. Our software solution helps to manage your services portfolio with utmost efficiency and increase revenue in the long term.

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In today’s fiercely competitive era, the path to profitability lies in saving every penny, and this includes cutting costs whenever necessary. In light of this fact, error-prone, labor-intensive spreadsheet-based approaches to financial planning have been cumbersome. Greater visibility into the business to accurately plan and forecast has become the need of the hour.

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Online24x7 offers a wide range of solutions to manage this key functional area that streamlines all your activities from acquiring raw materials, inventory handling and order fulfillment processes, and ties together your supply chain so your business delivers every time, on time.

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Human Resource

HR personnel always have to be on their toes to perform different functions as they deal with the active factor of production-the employees. They have to create a perfect balance between the function of talent acquisition, talent retention and optimization of costs. To achieve this goal, IT applications system has to be the state-of-the-art. For the success of the organization, it is imperative to engage the employees on the daily basis so that they feel participative in the growth of the organization.

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