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Event Management Every marketing activity aims to attract prospective clients and increase the revenue of the business. Surveys have concluded that nearly 3 or 4 people who experience branded event marketing exercises are likely to buy the goods and services being promoted. With the use of the right tools and technology, business organizations can increase the customer engagement rate and generate high-quality leads. It is essential to engage with the leads generated and nurture them to close the deal. Events are a vital marketing strategy that can be bolstered with the assistance of reliable technology.

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Organizations may feel overwhelmed with information and, data insights, but a survey by McKinsey revealed that only 10% of marketers use the information to improve the marketing process. But the fact is that marketers should know that data insights can prove highly useful for the organization and if they follow the Pareto Principle- if they follow 100 leads, out of them, 80 are worth following-up, it’s going to help them. But the whole process of following up the 100 leads will be time-consuming, and thus if AI- Driven Data Insights can help them track the 20 potential leads, it will save time, money and will fasten up the process of customer engagement.

Marketers need the power of modern tools such as Dynamics 365 for Marketing that can help them get a birds’ view of all the marketing activities and make informed decisions in real time. Surveys have revealed that B2B purchase decisions are made even before the actual meeting with the salesperson. There’s a lot of research involved on the part of the customer who wants to make an informed decision. Thus marketing activities is not a one-way road as it means engaging the customers and having fruitful conversations with them.

There have been instances where webinars and, in-person events are not successful in spite of meticulous planning and detailed research. In such a scenario, the organization loses out to good opportunities that might be converted into sales. Promotion of an event is an absolute necessity so that the attendance matches the expectations and there’s a highly engaging conversation with the audience. This effort should not be limited to the event, but the discussion should flow after the event that results in fruitful deals. Multiple channels are used to spread the message loud and clear to all prospective customers. Organizations have to inform the customers about the event and the benefit of attending the event. It’s essential to promote the event with external and internal channels and laser targeting the leads with optimum utilization of the resources available. Social media is a potent tool for the promotion of products and services. Blogs, Email Marketing, Newsletters all are a capable platform to let your target audience know what you are organizing.

Creating an event portal is excellent as it allows customer engagement with the help of landing page that has compelling content and attracts the prospective clients to register. The effort is to make the landing page as exciting as the advertisement being sent to the leads; thus a great landing page arrests the attention of the user. A landing page should be highly responsive as it is likely to be viewed on mobile devices and thus it should have a mobile-friendly layout. It is essential to let the visitors know what would be the most significant advantage of attending the event and how they can reap the benefits from the event. Customer engagement should ideally start before the event setting a specific level of expectation from the event and sending reminders about it. All these activities help in increasing the attendance rate, and a good conversation can be ensured. All the necessary information regarding the date, the venue, etc, should be mentioned at the top of the page. This essential information should be followed about the speakers, the array of activities that will pan out throughout the event. The whole data is to be presented in a highly organized way, and it should be easy on the eyes. The viewer should not feel that there’s an overdose of information- it should be concise and clear.

Urging the leads to register for the event should involve a lot of activities that attract the customers. Early bird discounts, booking of ebook, etc, so that the user finds it compelling enough to register for the event. QR codes are being widely used, and Dynamics 365 for marketing also generates QR codes in each record of the person registering for the event. Thus, it makes the process of check-in smooth and highly organized.

The event day is a busy one for the organizer and should be the same for the attendees too. Continuous customer engagement should be the norm during the event. The event should be proactive and should get the guests’ contact details, printing the QR codes on the badgers, the team should quicken the process of check-in.

After the event is over, sending a summary email to the attendees is a great idea as they offer the guests the highlights, presentations, videos, and content that can be downloaded. The event stays fresh in the minds of the attendees, and it provides an excellent way to seize the opportunity to make them customers. Do not forget to put the call to action, and leads will start pouring in! When the organization is conducting a webinar, then links to the content is shared in the chat feature and all the necessary resources should be shared, and the attendees should know about the next course of action.

Thus, there is extensive planning that is required and meticulous details that need attention to make the event successful. Dynamics 365 for Marketing offers several features that make Event Management successful. The platform provides easy contacts, a highly organized registration process, and attendance management -all is managed in one platform. Organizations can seek guidance regarding every step of registration. The method of event registration – registration, generating QR codes, assigning QR codes to badges – is an organized one. With Dynamics 365, the various activities can be tracked such as tracking the venue, knowing the room layout and taking care of the logistics, – everything is looked into with precision. Reservations in hotels, Room allotment, transportation to the event- all are managed well with this modern tool. The event information can be extracted directly from the records about attendee registration, and the updates can be seen on the event’s website. Over-registration is a scenario that can be dealt with firmly as the platform allows refusal of registrations after the number of listings reach the capacity set up by the event planning team. The waitlist can be set up with great ease.

So, the event is over but the takeaway from it is not only done by the attendees, but the business should also gain insight and learn a valuable lesson from the event. Organizations can study what they have achieved and what they were not able to accomplish. The future events can be lined up after using the information derived and using the content generated after the event such as speakers’ videos, published works of the speaker, workshops, etc. The Microsoft Dynamics also helps in lead tracking, which were shared with the sales team and which became actual customers.

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