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Dynamics 365 - Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives organizations the much-needed makeover they need in their management of Business Operations. It can be best described as an ultimate Business Management Solution that streamlines various operations and helps the organizations to make highly informed decisions. The software solution was previously known as Dynamics NAV and is now renamed as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Its functionality offers solutions to various Business Operations, such as Sales, Purchasing, Budgeting, and Inventory Management. The software solution comes with advanced capabilities and customization features that allow making the software attuned to the unique requirements of each business. With AI and ML created Data analytics and reports, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central streamlines Business activities and improves productivity.


The software solution offers robust Finance Functionality, which includes Invoicing, Purchase, PO, and Fixed assets. It also streamlines the Operations and Supply Chain- Organizations can use Forecasting in Sales and Inventory Management. The production plans can be generated automatically, and Purchase Orders are created with great ease. The Warehousing can be managed efficiently, and organizations can get a complete view of the stock, and they can work towards achieving order fulfilment. Businesses can reach optimum levels by correctly calculating the manufacturing process and optimizing the operations. The production process can be streamlined, and the customer’s requirements can be met efficiently. The Customers Projects can be managed with great ease as the software is equipped with advanced job costing and reporting features. The Budgets can be developed and controlled to ensure that the project reaches the profitability levels. Real-time information is available on Project status and profitability, and the information is available on the resources the project is using.



The software solution helps in managing the Finances of the company in a streamlined way. The solution connects Data across various functions such as sales, Procurement, Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management giving the organizations the impetus to make informed and smarter decisions. All the information related to different Business Processes is available in real-time in the Power BI Dashboards.


Communication with the Customers can be tracked, and recommendations are received on the best upsell, and thus, the business can tap opportunities. The Sales Leads can be given priority by identifying the revenue potential. All the sales queries can be looked into by taking quick actions, and the service requests can be managed effectively, and payments can be processed systematically.

Cash Management:

Financial Forecasts can be accurately made with the help of AI-Driven Data Insights. The information is collected and turned into an asset that acts as an essential reference for taking business decisions smartly and in an informed way. The Accounts Receivable and Payables can be managed in a streamlined way, and the accounts team can automatically reconcile accounts to close. Financial Reports can be created, and all these functionalities are possible while remaining compliant. The data across various operations such as Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Relationship Management are used in a better manner. The financial health of the company can be known in real-time, and this is possible with the help of Power BI dashboards.


Procurement is an integral part of the sales, and thus, it becomes an absolute necessity that this function is performed with accuracy as it leads to the production process. The software Solution is embedded with Business Intelligence that predicts the stock level. The stock levels are dynamically updated and maintained. Thus, the right amount of raw materials can be maintained as suggestions are offered concerning stock levels, lead times, and reorder points. The solution also suggests substitutes when the ordered products are out of stock or not available. Thus, the shortages can be proactively tackled, and there’s no negative impact on the production process. The solution also offers recommendations on the payment time, and the organizations can tap the opportunities provided by vendors to bag the discounts and also prevent any penalties laid for the delay in payment. The workflows are verified and, and thus, fraudulent purchases can be identified, and losses can be prevented.

Setup and extension:

Business Centrals’ in-client Visual Designer helps in customizing the solutions and cater to their business requirements perfectly. Customized Business Apps can be created and workflows generated with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow by using the Common Data Service for Apps.

Intelligent Cloud Insight:

With Cloud capabilities, business owners can run their organization practically from everywhere as they get access to their business via Cloud Services, ensuring that the company runs smoothly with remote access to the Business Central application. The mobile version of the solution both in the Cloud and on-premise offers a user-friendly experience. As the Business Central is based in the Cloud, it integrates with other Microsoft Services. It works with other Dynamics 365 Apps and Office 365 Apps. It also offers extended Integration with Outlook. Business Central embedded with extensive capabilities offered by Ai and Machine Learning, so it is just not a software solution but an Intelligent solution that does more than the routine. Get accurate Business Forecasts with insights and recommendations, and whether it’s about Inventory management or Warehousing, businesses get smarter in making decisions that bring in more revenues.