Dynamics 365 on Premise to Cloud Migration

Dynamics 365 - on-Premise to Cloud Migration

Dynamics 365 CRM is an extensive suite of applications that offers endless opportunities to improve business operations. It unifies business applications and interconnects them to provide a 360-degree view of business activities and improve efficiency. Cloud services offer businesses the much-needed flexibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency in managing their operations. With the agility delivered by Dynamics 365, companies can make intelligent business decisions and provide better customer experiences. The demand for Dynamics 365 on-premises to cloud migration is increasing day by day as organizations want to benefit from the cloud environment and adopt Dynamics 365 more than ever.
However, it is vital to note that D365 CRM on-premises to online migration is a complex process and requires attention to the minutest details so that the entire process is completed seamlessly.

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We at Online24x7 offer Dynamics 365 on-premises to cloud migration services and have served a large number of organizations in achieving cost-efficiency, increased accessibility, and more productivity with on-premises to cloud migration. Microsoft's migration program enables users to move from the Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 CRM on-premises and migrate online. It ensures accuracy of the data transferred in the correct format allowing you to quickly leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 CRM in a highly secure and efficient cloud environment. Our team is well-versed in the migration process. We guide you in the migration process and help you transition smoothly between the on-premises version and the cloud. We consider all the risks associated with the Dynamics 365 CRM on-premises to cloud migration and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks. We evaluate the current environment and schedule a free assessment to evaluate your unique migration requirements.

Dynamics 365 CRM cloud migration assessment will help you understand the obligations of the migration program and how you can achieve seamless Dynamics 365 CRM on-premises to cloud migration. We offer budget-friendly and flexible payment plans allowing you to get the migration services at your own pace and budget.

Migration will help you use data insights with the Dynamics 365 CRM suite of applications and Power BI intelligence in a secure cloud environment and help you put your business on the fast track.

Businesses can enhance productivity with better and increased team collaboration with instant access to the correct information, facilitating informed decision-making. Get improved security with migration to the cloud and continue using the agile and intelligent business applications more efficiently. Get flexibility and scalability and accommodate your growing business requirements with the cloud migration. Online24x7 is a certified Microsoft partner that offers Dynamics 365 CRM on-premises to cloud migration services by experts. We follow a step-by-step process to migrate Dynamics 365 on-premises to cloud.

  • Anticipate Changes

    We acquaint the internal team with the expected changes in the migration environment and collaborate on deciding the best workflows and defining the use cases and businesses process before moving ahead with data mapping in the Dynamics 365 cloud migration.
  • Features:

    Our team collaborates on deciding the best features that will be retained during the CRM on-premises to the cloud migration process. Other elements in the data migration process which are discussed at length are the quality of the data. It is not a good idea to integrate the cloud environment with all the data - which might include redundant fields and data that may not be required anymore. Structuring the data and deciding whether to keep the source format, change it, use the old fields, or introduce new ones- all these factors are considered before data mapping. With a clear roadmap, the data migration from on-premises to cloud will be organized and faster.
  • Tools:

    We help you choose the best migration tool and make the otherwise complex migration process much simpler and more manageable.
  • Testing:

    It's essential to test the data transfer from the D365 CRM on-premises to cloud migration and fix the bugs, if any, to ensure a successful migration process. Our team tests the migration integration scripting and checks whether the data has been transferred in the correct format. We fix any issues in the testing environment so that no problem arises in the live setting.
  • Deployment:

    Our experts ensure that the deployment process is backed by thorough testing. It is best to enable read-only access to the legacy systems until the migration process is complete. After the go-live is set, you need to decide on an appropriate time when you will lock users out of the legacy systems.

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When looking for Dynamics 365 on-premise to cloud migration, you will need upgradation services to ensure that the products work optimally with the latest updates. We at Online24x7 boast of the best migration experts with the requisite knowledge and experience and follow the best practices to ensure a seamless migration process.

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